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320 clutch slave ?'s

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Ok got a friend with a 64 L 320 E-1 motor/ collum shift. His clutch slave went bad & I / he was wondering if a clutch slave from a 520 or 521 will "bolt" right in ? I looked over @ the ODPL site & did'nt see any references to that particular swap. I cant imagine them being too different..any info is appreciated. Also on a side note..both my 320 & my friends are lowered 3 inches in the front & we noticed that the clutch slave hose is resting on the torsion bar! Id like to correct that problem soon but the only way i see is to lower it more or raise it up :( Maybe theres a diff. slave that has the hose coming out in a different spot ! ?

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The 320 slave is different from the 520 slave, but they're "close". The bolt pattern is different, though. What I did was take the 520 (or 521, or 620) slave and cut one mounting hole out the side (the 320 bolt pattern is wider by about a half inch). It does make the pushrod offset a little. Then you have to either get a custom hose or use a metric hose and replace the flare nut on the hardline.


The torsion bar shouldn't make a difference- they don't move in relation to the frame, they twist. So lowering/raising would make no difference. I know on my 720 the slave hose and wires were twist-locked to the torsion at the factory. The slave hose should come straight out the front, not out the side. That's the difference (the ONLY difference) between car and truck slave cyls.

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Paul yess i went back & re read the thread & yeah he modified the 2 bolts & used a 2 inch long clutch slave for a 69. Im assuming he meant a 69 521 so i replied & asked him which model. Thanks for the link, i just sent it to my friend. And thanks Doug,you always have the info.

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