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1983 Nissan 720 Kingcab 4X4 5 Speed (FS5W71) no 1st gear


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Hi All,


It's not an automatic and I put in a new clutch and release bearing when I installed it 2 years ago. Everything worked fine until I tried to use it to pull out my F100 when it got stuck really bad on a swampy road.


I can drive it in the other gears as they all seem to be working fine. It's just the first gear that is not working/engaging.


I haven't tried to put it in first without pressing the clutch but I'll try that the next time I visit my property and report back the results. The truck is stored at my other property at the moment as I drove the F100 home once I managed to get a neighbor to pull it out with a tractor.


I'll have to bring it home to pull the tranny anyways as my garage is at my house.


I'll provide an update as soon as I can get up there to the 720.


Have a great 4th of July!!!


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So this happened suddenly while trying to pull a stuck vehicle. That would explain it.


Unlikely  the splines on the mainshaft used to hold the first gear are stripped. The synchronizer hub slides back and forth on it between first and second. Second obviously works so if the splines near first gear were damaged it's unlikely the hub would move freely into either gear.


1st gear on the mainshaft is stripped where the hub engages it.


I suppose all the first gear countershaft teeth could be sheared off or the first gear itself but it would have made a loud crunch. You would have heard it.

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Hi All,


I finally got a chance to visit my 83 Nissan 4X4 king cab truck (1st gear not working) and I could move the shifter into the first gear position very easily without any grinding with no clutch and the motor running. Does this help to pin point the problem any?





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