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1974 620 Hand Brake Rear Cables: Which Part Numbers?

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The correct RHS rear cable part number is not clear:   

(FYI: At post end is what I'm trying to fix) 


There are two possible part numbers for the RHS cable:

36500-B5001 for ALL models up to and including 1974

36500-B5000 for T(short) models for ALL years

What is a T(short) 620 and why does it have a different part number?

Which one do I need?


The LHS cable is straightforward:

36510-B5001 for ALL models up to and including 1974


NOTE:  Why no T(short) model for this cable?


This is from carpartsmanual.com



# part# model from to qty
  36500-B5000 T(SHORT)     1
  36500-B5001     7408 1
  36500-B8001 SHORT 7409 7707 1
  36500-B8901 LONG 7409 7707 1
  36500-B9800 SHORT 7708   1
  36500-B9860 LONG 7708   1


  36510-B5001     7408 1
  36510-B8000 SHORT 7409 7707 1
  36510-B8900 LONG 7409 7707 1
  36510-B9800 SHORT 7708   1
  36510-B9860 LONG 7708   1



Hand Brake Linkage (To Aug.-'74)




I just installed rear brakes and the E-brake lever on the shoe is not retracting enough.  

The hand brake has a lot of "free-play" so it sounds like the rear cable springs are not doing their job.

The LHS shoe lever is clearly not as retracted as the RHS one. (1/4 to 1/2" difference at the cable)  I suspect the LHS cable but this is troublesome because the E-brakes release cleanly and do not drag.

IF I need to replace one, I'll do both.

Since this is my daily driver and I cannot have it laid up, I plan to find new cables - so I need to know the correct part #'s. 

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36500-B5001 These two digits are the distinction number, 0 to 20, and show a slight change. Parts that only differ by color would use this. 36500-B5000 and 36500-B5001 are basically the same part.


AS all 620s through '74 are short wheelbase (short) must mean that and (long) for long wheelbase, king cab and long box The '75-'77 and '77- are also short but radically different part numbers.

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EDIT:  OOPS, I just saw that you enboldened the distinction numbers - hard to see in my browser.  OK, I understand.  I'm not clear on the 2 digits that are the distinction number.  Do you mean 36500 and 36510?



I think this particular section of the parts manual has errors and omissions.



Confirming:  are 36500-B5001 and 36510-B5001 the proper #'s for my 1974?



The following is just calling out all the inconsistencies in this section which is irrelevant - I just need to know the part number for my truck.  But here they are anyway:


How can the listing say that the B5000 is used for all T(short) models, 72 to 79?  and then list completely different numbers for 75-77 and >77 SHORT models?

Are they saying B5000 is a "universal" cable that can be used for any T(short) model from 72-79?  (again, why T(short) and not SHORT)




if T(short) = Short, then why is T(short) used just once?  It doesn't make any sense (unless T(short) is different from SHORT) 



Maybe T(short) appeared in an early parts manual before 1975, and they just kept the entry in newer manuals.

It does appear that the part numbers are listed chronologically so the B5000 being first would imply it was BEFORE B5001.



EDIT:  This one is a Dusey:

and then parts diagram item #4 which is the LH cable, shows both LH and RH sections and shows the 77+ LONG cable is for RH.  

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36 500- B50 01 Nissan parts codes are broken down into


36...... section number.................. brake

500... Character number.............. linkage on axle

B50... Part type number............... earliest use. may have originally been used on the 520 for example.

01...... Distinction number............. also breaks down into subsets of...


Similarity 00-20 minor change such as color or finish,

Exclusive Service Use 25-29, rebuild kits or gaskets

Material 40-45, 80-85 steel replaced with plastic for example

Processing 30-39, 90-94, 50-59

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