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Fusible Link Issue

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I've been searching the forums for similar issues and have come up with two possible solutions (and that's a maybe...a big fat maybe).

My car starts and runs perfectly.
The radio is perfectly functional.
My power windows and central locking aren't working.
So...the windows are stuck in the down position (not safe in Los Angeles) and I can't lock the doors (not that I need to since the windows are down).

Is this the same as:

1. The Fusible Link (I've got info that it might be the problem from this article)

2. Specific fuses for the operation of the door and windows

or... 3. a ghostly electrical gremlin

Thank you to everyone who has shared their knowledge (I don't have any).

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What's this for?


You would need to know how the windows are powered. It might have it's own link but usually there are several things on one link. If the link is bad then everything on that link stops working. It may be a fuse.



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I had my temp gauge stop working. Installed a new temp sender, a lot of work, what a corroded mess. Gauge still dead. Then I check the obvious stuff I should have checked first place. Is the fuse good? Yes. Is there continuity from the sender and engine wiring harness to the cab harness? I wiggled the big plugs behind the package tray... lo and behold... the temp gauge works again.

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