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Have ‘76 610 Wagon/any body parts common to 510?

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I have a 1976 610 wagon, and need to get rid of it... I could part it out, or I could sell it as a complete unit (less engine/ transmission)... but I’m not sure which parts are common to any other more worthy Datsun  projects out there. I’m open to suggestions!!

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Body parts are not common to the 510 but they would fit another 610, there's that.  The wagon rear axle might fit the 510 wagon. Rims and wheels would fit other Datsuns.  Steering box probably fits 510/610/710 maybe the B-210 and S10/A10. Struts would fit other Datsuns but unless they have been rebuilt hardly worth the bother. Nuts, bolts and screws/fasteners. Most other stuff that might interchange (brake, steering and suspension) is best bought new for an auto parts store.

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Thank you very much! I have been wondering, because the hood doesn’t have a single dent in it, nor the roof, but most everything else is in pretty rough shape; surface rust... and I agree with you wholeheartedly about the other parts that should be purchased new. Was wondering also, glass-windshield or side glass, and what about hood hinges, or door hinges, or other things like that...

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Don't know why, but nearly every 610 wagon I have ever looked at for sale here in So Cal, is missing the belt moldings.  (The stainless trim that runs underneath the side windows.)  Please remove it if you're going to send it to the scrapper.  Even if it's in bad shape, it's probably fixable. 



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I haven’t decided (completely) yet exactly what I’m going to do with it;

but should I be parting it out,

you and Duncan are at the top of the list.


The problem is: that it is kind of a semi-cool looking station wagon, and quite versatile as well; you could make a Lowrider out of it, or you could make a Safari rumble wagon out of it;


I think if one got rid of the rear and front bumpers, (at least the rear bumper), it would have a much better look!!


But alas, I have so many other projects in front of it; I go back to my original dilemma, part it out, or sell it as - is.


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Oh, they are definitely really cool cars! I had the same internal debate about either lowering it or raising and doing a safari type build. I went the lowered route. lol

The stock bumpers aren't too bad when the shocks are retracted. Picture below for an example:


Unfortunately a few weeks back, mine took a trip into the ditch to avoid hitting a deer. It made me realize that I don't have near the spare parts I need for it like I do my Z cars.




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Thank you sir! It wasn't a very good start to the morning. lol

I am just about finished collecting parts to drop it off at the paint shop to get it fixed back up. All in all it could have been a lot worse.

Hopefully the family and I will be ready to cruse around in it come summer.





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Did the accident  mess up both left doors? Or just the back left door? I went and looked at my back left door and from the mid (horizontal) “door ding” molding strip upward- it’s pretty solid and very straight, but from the mid “door ding” molding downward, especially at the bottom, it has rust, very square and shapely, but rusty... 

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Ok, after much deliberation I have decided to part out the 610...😢😂 But I’m still curious about any parts common to the 240-280Z... anything- parts and pieces from:-

brake system

fuel system 

any system 

door handles? Window regulators, door latches-

other than that kind of stuff, let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll see if it’s not completely rusted

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