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window crank/lever


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On my 86 720...the window has been acting funny for awhile.  At 1st, it would go down, say, a half turn, then if you went up, and back down, after a revolution or so, of the handle, it would go at the way down.  Then, I went crazy w/a red straw, on top of an aerosol can.  I sprayed o everything that looked dry and needy.  Now, it spins real easy.  But, now it jumps/slips, like the teeth are jumping out of place.  Sometimes, when I crank it all the way up, it jumps down, and the handle doesn't move, and then it cranks back up.   Is there anything in there that could cause this?

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The hand crank mechanism is called the window regulator. Why this is I don't know. The handle turns a small star gear that engages a segment of a much larger gear



This is not yours, but more or less explains the operation. C turns clockwise, turning B counter-clockwise, lifting the arm at A and lifting the window D

The mechanism for a car window winder is shown bel


If a gear on C and/or B are damaged it will loose contact and slip. Window can also fall all the way down.  Another regulator from a 720 driver's side door should fix this. I assume it's the driver's side as it gets all the use.

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I had a similar problem, turned out to be the window felt in the track that the glass slides up and down in.

my felt had rotted and started bunching up in the track causing the glass to jump or bind. When rolling down the window it would stop, I could roll it up a little then it would roll down but it still was harder than it should have been.

I bought a$5.00 roll of adhesive backed felt, scraped out the old felt and pressed in the new. It’s been working fine for the last two years. 

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