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  1. 7twentyguy

    Radio Removal

    There’s a screw at the back of the radio, you’ll have to remove it first . You can only reach it from up under the dash
  2. 7twentyguy

    door weather strip

    Picked some up from EBay, they did come with clips the strip was about 1/2 inch too long (both the inner and the outer), all the clips needed to be readjusted to fit in the doors. They fit pretty good after the adjustments!
  3. 7twentyguy

    california parts?

    Check Craigslist Sacramento, auto parts / Nissan 720. there's a ad for a lot of 720 parts in Orangevale.
  4. 7twentyguy

    Datslocos Cali 14th Annual Carshow/Swapmeet May 19th 2018

    I've got a set of Z71 wheels with 40 series rubber sitting in the garage, I don't want to drag them down unless someone is interested. I already had them machined for a Datsun/Nissan. PM me if anyone is interested.
  5. 7twentyguy


    I've got the factory AM/FM radio that came in my 85 if you need one. The problem is all aftermarket units are too deep. You don't have to cut the face of the dash, but you will need to cut the sidewall plastic inside if the dash and use a new outer trim piece.
  6. 7twentyguy

    Datslocos Cali 14th Annual Carshow/Swapmeet May 19th 2018

    My truck is finally at a daily driver status, can't wait to bring her down, Might have to stop and get tacos at Taquerias La Estrella over on Yosemite before the show!
  7. 7twentyguy

    Whats the name of this part?

    I just bought one, the dealer price was $110.00 out the door with a week wait, I found one on line $85.00, took two days to get it. try to find one at the wrecking yard, way over priced, but if you want to pass smog you got to have it.
  8. 7twentyguy

    Front suspension ‘Yiching‘.

    Yeah, sprinkled talcum powder on them, much better now
  9. 7twentyguy

    Front suspension ‘Yiching‘.

    I just changed out all of the leaf spring bushings on my 85 KC, I had a groaning sound turning into my parking lot at work. After the new bushings, no more noise!
  10. 7twentyguy

    Datslocos Show n Shine Swapmeet Oct 7th 2017

    It's been a few months with no one talking about this Show n Shine. Is it still going to happen?
  11. 7twentyguy

    Sliding window install?

    Welcome Matt, Are your 84 & 85 the same cab? If so you could probably just swap the whole glass & frame. Be careful the head liner is tucked into the rubber seal in the back glass, check your rubber seal for dry rot, once you pull out the frame there may be no going back without a new fresh seal. Either way I believe you will have to remove the back glass.
  12. 7twentyguy

    Muffler options

    I have repurposed my old Harley exhaust, Cycle Shack baloney slice with a Y split out the center of the back under the roll pan, the exhaust is baffled so it's quieter than straight pipes.
  13. 7twentyguy

    Datslocos Show n Shine Swapmeet Oct 7th 2017

    Fan Freakin tastic! I blew a head gasket right before the last swap meet. Now I get a "do over" and I've got something to look forward to and all summer to get ready!
  14. 7twentyguy

    Rising sun?

    Has anyone tried doing a ghosted flag? I'm thinking of wrinkle paint black flag, then satin black over the top of it, shoot some clear on it and call it a day. In my head I see a textured finish that you would almost have to be right on top of to see. Any thoughts?
  15. 7twentyguy

    Kuryakyn hypercharger

    Thanks for all the positive input lockleaf,DrvnDrvr & Distributorguy. It's the reason I posted in the first place, hell it's the reason I wanted to be part of this community. I always valued your opinion datsunmike I think you're a pretty bright guy. I was hoping to get some positive feedback from you but I guess you're having a hard time getting past what you believe is right or wrong for my truck. When it's done and if it works I'll post a picture.

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