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  1. Just finished building my shop, now I gotta move all the crap in!
  2. Hey Lance, is this for a king cab or a standard cab? I had a set of buckets from a Mazda 323 that fit the factory bolt holes. This was in a 81 standard cab, so there was no reclining at all. High back bucket would rest on back glass. Could you post a picture of your door opener mods?
  3. Just had this done via eBay , I sent a photo of my truck, they did the art work. It cost about $10 bucks. Once I approve the art work, they put it on a tee shirt for $13 bucks. Always wanted a tee with my truck on it!
  4. Got these at 4 wheel auto parts. If you can’t get the MA750’s
  5. I’ll crawl under the truck tomorrow and get the numbers of the existing shocks.
  6. I found these after I put the adapters on , I haven’t got around to installing yet. These fit the lower shock mount, for the upper eye mount you’ll need to hog-out the metal sleeve inside of the rubber bushings,
  7. Hey Lance, I picked up some adapters at 4wheel parts, it will give you a few more options for air shocks. add an onboard air compressor ($200 @ Amazon) makes life easy!
  8. Not at all, the shifter has a extension so it’s tall enough not to interfere with shifts, the picture was taken with the exhaust tip turned sideways so you can see it’s duel holders.
  9. Thanks Keith, I’ll start looking around after getting settled in.
  10. Just moved to Texas, I’m looking for 720 Street truck enthusiasts. Any of y’all out there?
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