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  1. Moving to Texas in the near future, any Ratsun folks/ groups around Dallas/Ft. Worth area?

    1. crewdogch47


      Yes sir located in elpaso

  2. 7twentyguy

    18 inch Titan rims

    Hey I almost forgot! Check your center bore! It was $50 bucks a wheel at the machine shop.
  3. 7twentyguy

    18 inch Titan rims

    I’m running aluminum 18” Titan wheels with 3”blocks & 4x4 leaf springs. I rolled all four corners old school with a t-ball bat.My tires are NanKang 215/40/18. I’ve got just about 1/3 inch between tire & fender. Hope this helps!
  4. 7twentyguy

    Rear air shocks

    I’m running the same leaf spring set up, what shocks are you using? Part number?
  5. I like the look without the chrome, I did the same thing back in the 80’s. I think I did it because it was cheaper and easier. The guy who did my glass asked me if I wanted the windshield gasket with the trim grooves or not, so I would assume the trim must still be out there somewhere.
  6. I just replaced my factory windshield, I saved the trim. It’s in pretty good shape, let me know if you’re interested.
  7. I’m looking at swapping my front bumper on my 85 KC ST to a yota bumper. I’ve seen photos of it, has anyone in the last 20 years done it? I picked up a1990 bumper & valance along with factory yota mounts. I know I’ll be doing some cutting & fab work, any insight would be appreciated.
  8. There’s a screw at the back of the radio, you’ll have to remove it first . You can only reach it from up under the dash
  9. Picked some up from EBay, they did come with clips the strip was about 1/2 inch too long (both the inner and the outer), all the clips needed to be readjusted to fit in the doors. They fit pretty good after the adjustments!
  10. Check Craigslist Sacramento, auto parts / Nissan 720. there's a ad for a lot of 720 parts in Orangevale.
  11. I've got a set of Z71 wheels with 40 series rubber sitting in the garage, I don't want to drag them down unless someone is interested. I already had them machined for a Datsun/Nissan. PM me if anyone is interested.
  12. 7twentyguy


    I've got the factory AM/FM radio that came in my 85 if you need one. The problem is all aftermarket units are too deep. You don't have to cut the face of the dash, but you will need to cut the sidewall plastic inside if the dash and use a new outer trim piece.
  13. My truck is finally at a daily driver status, can't wait to bring her down, Might have to stop and get tacos at Taquerias La Estrella over on Yosemite before the show!
  14. I just bought one, the dealer price was $110.00 out the door with a week wait, I found one on line $85.00, took two days to get it. try to find one at the wrecking yard, way over priced, but if you want to pass smog you got to have it.
  15. Yeah, sprinkled talcum powder on them, much better now
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