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Volt Reg Mechanical

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My new owner of my Yellow convert 510 is not mechanically incrined so they have some electrical issues

To make a long story short of how the car dont run they swap a alternator the electric fuel pump was also bad , no ignition light ect.

they swap the alternator and now you have ignition light and  goes off only to coem back on at higher RPM.

For soem strange Datsun 510 owner reason he dont have a Volt meter. Well he got a volt meter and find out he has 18volts across the battery

 I told him the volt reg is bad. Now this VR I stalled years ago but dnt have alot of miles on it and is a Japan unit.

Now the Haynes book say one can adjust the VR, Has anybody done this?   Nothing really to wear except the contacks


But what ever the intial prople I will assume it took out the fuel pump or it was a chance condition.

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18v isn't good for anything designed for 12v that runs around 14 when charging. Coil will get hotter, points will arc more, headlights will be brighter. Anything electrical is running 50% over what it was designed to.


Easy enough to clean the contacts in the regulator. See if it helps. The charge voltage can be adjusted. I think the coil for voltage is the one closest the wiring and plug. Counter clockwise decreases voltage. I wouldn't mess with this unless only a volt or less out of spec. This is something very wrong and if cleaning the points and setting the contact gap doesn't correct it I would replace the unit.

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