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Finally my collection is complete


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Hopefully you have the rest of pieces you need that are not in the picture. For example the rest of the evaporator case, the adjuster bolt for the idler pulley, as well as what Charlie69 already mentioned. You definitely have the big pieces. If that’s not a new drier, you might want to pick one of those up before adding refrigerant.

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Yep got a new accumulator ready to go in, used the old one to draw a vacuum looking for leaks. Got the box, and the pulley bolt.


Pulled out the entire HVAC system to clean, remove rust and new seals. I'm surprised how much space it all takes up, it looks so small sitting under the dash.


My truck had all the wires for the AC system and I did find the climate controls with the AC switches. exciting stuff.


I do have a question about the oil. This is a completely dry system, all parts have been flushed out and cleaned. I haven't really been able to nail down the information on how much oil is needed or how that oil needs to be added. I've taken he steps to convert the system to r134a and I know to use ester.

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Have you dumped all the oil out of the compressor? From everything that I have ever read about it, you put back as much oil as you take out. If it’s a rebuilt compressor, then should come with instructions on how how much to put in it. The last one I did I used PAG 150 with dye, just in case of leaks.

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Is compressor came off a junk yard vehicle filled with hornets. When I tried to dump out the oil, nothing came out. I put in a bit of ester oil and spun it around for a few min than dumped the oil back out. I got out all the oil I put in but it had become discolored when it was clear before. So I did it four more times, each change the oil became less discolored and the compressor started turning over alot smoother and with less resistance and I started hearing suction from the inlet Side.  I don't know if this was the right thing to do, I just gave it a try.


The chart you linked me to says 8.5 ounces, that seems correct, but where does it go during assembly. Does all 8 go into the compressor?


I've heard when the refrigerant leaks out of the system all the oil gets stuck in the evaporator and the system runs dry before the pressure drops enough for the pressure cut off. I did flush out these parts and alot of golden brown fluid came out.

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