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'76 620 Cali wiring help


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Hi guys, so the situation is I have weird wiring issues, damaged wires and wires that go nowhere. I figured I might try a full rewire with a couple of simple fuse/relay setups. I know it isn't really needed but I like a project and it will help me learn and hopefully not be scared of wiring any more.


So with that said, I have some basic, stupid and ridiculous questions incoming to help get me started. Go easy on me......



Ignoring my old jap coke can decoration, my first question is about the resistor(?) next to the coil. most pics i have see. have two wires coming off, why does mine have so many?




What is this attached to my dizzy?




Which one of these is the voltage regulator and what is the other one?





Cheers guys

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the big metal can is the volt reg. with circuitry Orginal was a mechanical Volt Reg and the Japanese ones were pretty good. 

depending on who made it some are good and some don't last long


I think your truck wireing if fine it just the distributor trigger up up looks weird


open up the distributor cap and show us what you have

If this is a first Gen Nissan elelctric distributor and a 76 truck that has the point ignition ballast resistor set up.


Im not familiar with that type ballast but was common on the Z cars, Im sure other will chime in on this

the center has what looks like a short with a nut holding it on there. I don't know it that's stock from factory but its a good idea if he wanted the green shorted with the Blk/red wire

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I think the little box connected to my dizzy could be a remote ignitor box maybe. I'll open the dizzy tonight and get a picture.


Thanks for info on voltage regulator. Maybe the other small box is the flasher unit? I'm going to investigate further tonight.

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Seems I have the transistorised ignition which I think is stock for the 76 California trucks. Can't find any pics of the coil ballast though so will investigate when I get the whole loom out






It's all working well so I am not going to touch it, just maybe move it to a tidier place. Still not sure if the smaller box with the same Hiatchi logo on is part of the same circuit

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Yes look like a remote ignitior with the 1st Generation Electronic distributor. Most were inside the truck somewhere.

Yours must be a convert from points. So you must have a EI coil, a point coil needs a ballast. so I assme the point coil and ballast was removed and replace with a .7 ohm elelctronic ignition coil from a 78/70 Datsun Nissan


just don't let it get too wet

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