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Buying 620 truck

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Hi guys I’m really really new to the Datsun truck life.Im sorry about this but I’m sure there is a topic has been covered 1000 times over already. You  can Always point me in the right Direction if that’s the case. 
So I’ve seen  trucks online and thought it would be pretty cool to own one. Now I’ve looked about for trucks to see what I could find. I’m based in Northern Ireland and they are hard to come by over here. I have seen a truck that I would be interested in and it’s coming to the UK.  
So my question is what type of money would a 1972 620 pickup with 83k miles on it would be. 
Now I know it would vary on rust, mods and other things but if the car is in good running Order what would it be worth? 
Also when looking at the car is there anything Pacific to look out for that would be Concerning? i.e the mechanical side of the car ? 
Again sorry i know this topic has been covered already. 

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I have no idea what they would be worth over there nor the value of your currency.. If you can find out the build date? it's stamped on the driver's door jam. Normally a  '72 truck would be an earlier 521. Although some 620 were built in March '72 it's a half year model that gets lumped in with the next production year. I know.... it's complicated. 


Be aware that the odometer only goes to 99,999 before returning to 00,000. It could be 183K or 283K. The mileage displayed should reflect the wear on the brake pedal and the driver's seat.

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Hi mike thanks for getting back to me so quick. I’m waiting on the car coming in to the uk. It’s coming in next month so will need to go and look at at it. Yes I was reading about the clocks only go to that distance. Only seen photos of the car. But the peddles look very good and steering wheels looks good also. The car looks really clean all round. But time will tell. 

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Value for almost everything is based upon supply and demand. The market near my house is currently selling 1 roll of toilet paper for 1.50. Crazy times. I am currently restoring a truck that was a owned for almost 40 years by my wife's grandfather. I bought the car for 2500 USD but he probably could have sold it for more. I probably could have got it for less but he had spent almost 1500 in the last year for tires, suspension fixes etc. I would first determine what you want the car for: daily driver, show car, cool older car, project, etc. Most of the parts are cheap and there really are a lot simpler than a modern car. If I were to prioritize what to look for it would be in this order; 

1. Rust: Older cars may have it everywhere and in my opinion it takes a lot to fix. I list this as 1 because it requires cutting out the rust, patching, bondo, and repainting. I doubt you could ever match the original paint and if you are going to have the car repainted right it's very expensive. If you can do it yourself then its cheap but takes a lot of time. 

2. Mechanical: I list this as 2 but these trucks are actually really simple but have little value if they do not run and drive. I personally prefer to buy a discounted vehicle with mechanical problems. Usually you can get the vehicle for cheap. You can do the repairs and then know it's fixed right and use the money you saved for other goodies. I bought a 73 vw beetle from a guy who said it wouldn't start for 400. He had tried to install a radio and disconnected the ground to an aftermarket fuel pump. I had the car running within 5 minutes. 

3. Aesthetics: let's be honest we all love the look of these older vehicles and that's why we own them. In comparison to a modern car they are slow, handle like crap, have terrible brakes, suspension...... They are cool to drive and you will get lots of looks but 

4. Previous repairs: older cars often have been worked on by multiple owners and sometimes this creates a mess. 


As for pricing, in Portland Oregon a 620 sells for 500-5000 USD and there are usually 2-10 for sale locally at any given time. 500 not running and needing a lot of attention. 2500 running and ok aesthetically. 5000 for running and good aesthetically. I would recommend getting the nicest one you can find unless you are looking for a project. A previous owner may have spent 3k on having the car repainted but probably cannot sell the car for 3k more. Just understand what repairs you can do and if you think it's going to take 1k to get the truck where you want it then it will probably cost 2k. If you are anal like me, probably 4k. If your going to do the repairs yourself I would estimate how much time you think it is going to take and times that by 4. All I am saying is lots of people take on projects and never finish them. 

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Hi mate thanks you so much for getting back to me. I have read what you have said and took it all on board and thank you so much for your help. 
So the pickup will be getting used for everyday use till I start the work on it.Been looking on this forum and doing a bit of reach and seen some good info about sr20 swaps and  coilover setup. Will be turned into a weekend car/ show car in time. I’m taking like I have the car already. I still need to see it and make sure the car is up to the standard I hope it is. The truck looks like it’s in really good working order. But as I said still need to see it. 
I will keeping looking and reaching on this forum as it seams to be the best to find out a lot of info on the cars. Thanks again for your info. 

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