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  1. Hi Thanks guys for helping me out again!!! Yes mike your completely right. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of Watanabes. The price isn’t the best for a set but you pay for what you get I guess.
  2. Jonnywm

    Buying 620 truck

    Hi mate thanks you so much for getting back to me. I have read what you have said and took it all on board and thank you so much for your help. So the pickup will be getting used for everyday use till I start the work on it.Been looking on this forum and doing a bit of reach and seen some good info about sr20 swaps and coilover setup. Will be turned into a weekend car/ show car in time. I’m taking like I have the car already. I still need to see it and make sure the car is up to the standard I hope it is. The truck looks like it’s in really good working order. But as I said still need to s
  3. Hi guys Im new here so you might be seeing a lot more post about the datsun’s. Been trying to find out what wheels these are. Been searching the web for a few hours and can’t find very much on them. Actually can’t find anything about them. Just some photos. I’m sure some on here can help me with these.
  4. Jonnywm

    Buying 620 truck

    Hi mike thanks for getting back to me so quick. I’m waiting on the car coming in to the uk. It’s coming in next month so will need to go and look at at it. Yes I was reading about the clocks only go to that distance. Only seen photos of the car. But the peddles look very good and steering wheels looks good also. The car looks really clean all round. But time will tell.
  5. Jonnywm

    Buying 620 truck

    Hi guys I’m really really new to the Datsun truck life.Im sorry about this but I’m sure there is a topic has been covered 1000 times over already. You can Always point me in the right Direction if that’s the case. So I’ve seen trucks online and thought it would be pretty cool to own one. Now I’ve looked about for trucks to see what I could find. I’m based in Northern Ireland and they are hard to come by over here. I have seen a truck that I would be interested in and it’s coming to the UK. So my question is what type of money would a 1972 620 pickup with 83k miles on it would be. N
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