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910 suspension options


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Can’t find any solid info on the web about suspension options for the ‘83 910 sedan. I currently run 14x9’s and 14x10’s, stock 4x114.3 pcd on stock suspension with spring spacers to minimise tyre rubbing. Rear guards have been cut. Doesn’t rub when it’s just 1 or 2 people unless nailing the corners, but a full load and the tyres rub going down the straight over most bumps. So I’m looking at upgrading the suspension to stop the rubbing, and to also lower it if possible. Would like to look at getting coil overs with adjustable camber plates (I’m not a fan of the stock positive camber lmao). I’ve heard that s13 coils work with minimal mods but not exactly sure what needs to be done or whether they’ll work with my current wheels. Want to do both front and rear of course.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Rubbing the fenders? wings?? that the correct word down there? Removing the positive camber would move the tops of the tires in towards the center away from the body. Lowering usually induces negative camber on struts and IRS.


The stock suspension should not have positive camber, instead it should be fairly neutral.


14X 9 and 14 X 10s are not only too wide but probably the wrong rim off set making them stick out of the wheel wells.



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Yeah we call them fenders here in nz. Idk why I called them guards haha. Adjustable camber plates isn’t a must but would be preferable. I do understand that lowering it will induce negative camber which will be necessary since I have bolt-on over-fenders. I run 205/60’s if I recall correctly so the tyres are very stretched. I don’t want to run extreme camber like the Japanese or all the jdm fanboys haha but just enough to get the wheels to fit and prevent rubbing. A few degrees absolute max. I’ll post some pics soon when I get the chance.

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Cure: Cut the fenders, errr, I mean 'guards' out to clear the wrong choice in wheels/tires,

then add fender flares, or bubbles, or what ever you call them south of the equator.

Available in bolt-on, bond-on, and weld-on all over the planet, maybe even on Mars.





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I understand that there'll be people who really dislike what I've done to my car, but I'm not here for opinions or criticism. I'm here for helpful information that could be useful for others too. It'd be great to have one solid thread/source of info on 910 suspension upgrading. Because I can't find any solid info out there, apart from little bits that only people who are already "in the know" can really find useful.

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This is positive camber.


Yours are more negative off set like below and poke out too much





Yours is just a poor choice in wheel width and off set. You want a rim that sets farther back into the car so the 'fender' can be lowered down over it or the tire go up inside the well on bumps.. Something with zero offset, or perhaps some positive off set. A 9" or 10" tire might not fit anyway.  You could select more conservative tire width and a rim to match that has an off set that centers the wheel in the wheel well....




If keeping them and lowering, slice away the offending fender lip and cover this mutilation with wide flairs. There's no other option.

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No suspension mod will do a thing about too wide of wheels, other than what you already said you don't want to do (radical camber change)

There is no magic pill to correct wheels that are too wide, other than major surgery.

Sell the wheels, find ones that fit, or buy wider flares.

I have seen them all the way up to 100mm (4 inch).

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Yeah I do in fact have positive camber for some reason, just the tiniest amount. You can only notice it when someone else is driving it and you're following them down the road. Practically neutral but yeah it is noticeable. And as for my offsets they are indeed negative. Can't remember how much but they are big numbers. The link I posted above is a pic of my car currently. Like I said before the rear fenders have been cut and welded. Any more cutting and I'd be cutting into the rear doors. I should note that the rubbing is on the actual car body - not the over-fenders/fender flares. The wheels actually tuck perfectly under the fender flares when the car's loaded, with no rubbing that I'm aware of.

Anyway, surely a harder spring rate/less travel would stop or at least improve rubbing? Hence why I have spring spacers currently. They help immensely but they're not suppose to be permanent. How would I go about using s13 coilovers? I've read that you need to use s13 hubs and brakes, is this correct? Are there any other options for suspension upgrading, aside from getting custom springs made?


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I wouldn't go running out for S13 coil overs. A coil over is a coil over and they are all the same, they lift or lower the body. What might help is a smaller diameter coil than the 910 comes with. This would provide more room between the tire and the strut. But I get the impression the wheel is well out from it.


Find out where it's rubbing exactly. Will lowering the body height make it worse? A stiffer spring will resist bottoming on bumps but... may be objectionable for ride quality. Suspension travel is what allow the car to absorb shocks. Shortening the travel makes them sharper.


This is a classic case of making the car fit the rims and tires rather than the rims and tires fitting the car. If happy with the ride height then go with stiffer springs. Or cut away more body for clearance. Or raise the ride height. If the rims and tires stay then then you'll have to make the other changes.

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I’m willing to sacrifice ride quality to make the car more driveable, i.e. more capable of taking corners, less rubbing/bottoming out etc. Does anyone have any other suggestions for coilovers then? The reason I want coilovers is so I can play around and adjust everything to suit as best as possible if that makes sense. My other preferred option would be to look at getting custom air suspension fitted, but obviously that’d cost just a little more than a pack of chips . . .

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Hello i use s13 coilovers, front lca and spindles.

In the rear swaped the top hats and used the 910 hats, had to cut some of the lower bushing metal.

In the front had to make the upper flange of the top hats so i can bolt the coilovers to the body.

Using 15x7 in front and 15x8 in the back



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