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oil and water mixing after rebuild (z24i)


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I just rebuild the engine
new bearings and piston rings
and all the gaskets
Im getting water and oil mixing
This isnt my first headgasket so Im pretty sure I did it correctly even then I checked the compression on all cylinders and its 150psi across the board
I DID let some coolant get in the oil ports when I took the head off but it couldnt have been much
so is this normal amount of milkiness
how many times should I redo the oil before I should stop trying lol
Whatelse could it be?
the timing cover isnt leaking either


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Looks like oil to me.


Is the exhaust white and steamy?


Is the coolant level always low and need topping up?


There is an oil jet between the block and the head that feeds oil up into the head from the block. Water can't get in there and oil can't get out. Have never ever seen oil under 50 PSI allow water in. There is a drain back hole at the rear of the head that drains through the block and drops into the oil pan and of course the timing chain area .... these are the only way for water to get into the oil. Coolant in sufficient amount in the combustion chamber can work it's way down past the rings and mix in the oil pan.




This is water mixed with oil.

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Some head gaskets are supposed to have a copper crusher gasket around the water to head gasket hole, but after market purveyors often "forget" this copper as a cost savings move.  Close spacing to the number 4 cylinder may encourage small water leaks.  I have also seen short lengths of copper tubing with a washer firmly attached to its middle to serve as a guide and water seal against the block and head.


Also look for a chip-out in the rim of the cylinder at the head.

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