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1979 datsun 160J SSS coupe


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Hi everybody. I just bought a dream car when i was 18. I will start to restore it but it is difficult to get parts for it. I will start for suspension but it seem very difficult to get the right parts... maybe someone can tell me if the 710 suspension is the same as mine 710 A10? Which coilovers work best? My car came with the L16 twin SU carbs, manual speed with reverse @ the first gear position and oem a/c which is rare. Thanks

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Looks like the Violet  series started in Japan with the 710 which ended around '77 ? and was replaced with the A10 (Violet) also known as the 160J in some countries. Probably made in Mexico. Round headlamps? If an A10 by another name (160J) the A10 parts should fit it.


Can you post a picture?


Reverse above first would be a dogleg 5 speed?


Are you wanting to lower the ride height? Coil overs are very expensive. There is another way can lower the ride height and be adjustable for under $30.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. Mine is exactly the same as this:



Im not interested in making it a racer. I own a fast car and this one is for having it as a toy. I want the oem suspension setup but cant find the shocks nor the coils....

It has the rally type 5 speed box. I heard they used it in the 240rs rally cars

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The fronts should be struts which are shock and coil combined. For the rears any auto parts store should be able to find you some. Ask for A10.


240rs? I don't think so, the dogleg would never handle the power. Most likely a 71B  NISMO 5 speed.




Start an account (free) with imgur or ImageShack But NOT Photobucket, and have them host your pictures. Then copy the image code and post them here. Then post some pictures of your front end.

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Yes a 'round eyes' A10 coupe.



I will do the photos. There were 5 240rs rally silvias in the 80's here and one of those mechanics told me that.


They were correct. Competition boxes (some of them, F5C71B) came in direct drive 5th gear (no over drive) 5 speeds that had the dogleg reverse over first. This made 4th to 5th and back again easier/faster in a straight line.






Your FS5W63A will be 26" long (66 cm) while the competition box would be 31.5" (80 cm) The A10 dogleg




The transmission on the right is a dogleg although rotated slightly to the right. See that big nut sticking down on the right? That is what makes it a dogleg along with a smooth case.

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