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74 B210 engine issues


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Haunted 1974 Datsun B210 hatch, $700.00 put into rebuilt A14, came back

from machinest ran really good for months, but now has a problem.


Points condensor rotor plugs coil, you name it it, its new.


Changing the throtle position while driving makes the engine sputter and 

slow down for a few minutes while trafic backs up behind me.


I live in the high sierra on a state highway where everybody goes at least

50-60 mph (I try to get this pos up to 40 mph)


Replaced fuel filters, air cleaner, lots of reading from my servive manual.


Bought a timing light and multimeter, going broke hear guys.  

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Can't help thinking it's electrical.


Start with the coil. Look for carbon tracking on the tower leading to the negative terminal. This is where the spark has jumped to ground marking the plastic surface. There may even be a crack in the tower. If you have your old coil (you should never throw away stock parts) put it on and this test will eliminate the 'new' coil.


I had a low speed stutter for years, just as you let the clutch out. Last winter it caused a few backfires out the exhaust and was easier to trouble shoot. Turned out to be a crack...


Next inspect the distributor cap inside and out and rotor. Again if you kept your old parts you could swap them in to help eliminate the cause. Is there dust or moisture inside it?


I always clean my wires once a year by rubbing them down with WD-40, dry them and then dab dielectric grease on my nipples and put on the cap and the spark plugs.


Pull the plugs and take a look. Possibly a broken nose, hope not but easy and cost nothing to check and the plug gap. Unless you swapped in an EI system the gap should be 0.032"



Spark ALWAYS looks for the shortest and easiest path to ground. Make sure that all your electrical is highly insulating, clean and dry and that the only path to ground is across the spark plug gap.



I know you said everything was changed but never assume. Dirt, grease, water or damage can all cause intermittent loss of spark.









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I live in coarsegold, not to far from you.. maybe we can get together & help you track down your problem. Yes, highway 41 over here, they drive fast & they don't like anyone holding them back. I had some similar problems with my 66 roadster till I figure out the issues I was having. My 510 wagon has a ka24de with a 5 spd & just carves up the mountains up here.. real fun to drive!

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