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1982 nissan 720 turn signal not working


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Anything else we need to know???




Turn the 4 way all the way OFF. Turn key on and signal a turn. Now move the 4 way switch slightly towards the ON position. When the turn signal starts working... stop.




The  720 switch disconnects the turn signals when the switch is in the 4 way position. When you turn it off the switch tends to travel too far and goes past the connection and they stay off.


If you get the turn signal working, switch the flasher unit with the 4 way flasher unit. If the 4 ways start working the flasher unit was bad, just replace. If 4 ways still don't work probably the fuse.

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OK I'm at home now....



Did you ....





Turn the 4 way all the way OFF. Turn key on and signal a turn. Now move the 4 way switch slightly towards the ON position. When the turn signal starts working... stop.



The 4 way and the turn signals are both wired into the 4 way switch. If you were messing around with it, I would start my search there. It could be as simple as not plugging it in.



 IF the 4 way switch is working properly, (don't assume) then....
When you turn the key on do the red oil and charge lights come on? If yes then the fuse for the signals is ok. This brings us back to a faulty 4 way switch or the flasher unit. Other than the turn signal switch itself, which can get dirty inside. If this does not get the turn signals working we'll have to look at the turn signal switch.
4 Way
Do your brake lights work? If they do, the fuse for the 4 ways is OK. This brings us back to a faulty 4 way switch or the flasher unit.


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This was my problem. No turn signals, no 4 ways. I had power at the 4 way switch. I wound up taking apart the 4 way switch by removing it from the housing then prying back the 6 prongs holding the switch together. The ribbed copper plate  had a good layer of dirt, as did the 5 contacts it connected with. I carefully cleaned all the pieces and then lost the spring that was under the copper plate. I fashioned a new spring from a ball point pen spring, then put it all back together. I then folded the prongs back in place. I restored power at the battery and then tested. The 4 way relay was clicking, and I had the driver side lights blinking. I turned that off, turned the key to ON, and then turned the turn signal on for a turn. It worked! I think I have a bulb issue in back right, but the front right worked. Both left lights worked.


I had to rebuild both tail lights and then the front running lights, so I'm not surprised that I might still have a signal bulb issue, as I wasn't able to fully test it until this point.


Thanks datzenmike. My 82 720 has signals again!




PS: What started all this for me was my daughter was using the truck as her daily driver when the right ball joint failed and the truck skidded to a stop. I replaced all the ball joints and tie rods on both sides. Put new inner and outer bearings in, new brakes, and new shocks. Might as well get everything changed out while I'm in there! The tail lights weren't working well, so I found a donor truck at a nearby wrecking yard and got the housing and related harness to the mid-frame connection. Put in a new license plate light. I got stopped for having that out once. Anyway, the blinkers haven't worked in a while, so might as well tackle that too. This thread was great help there. The horn relay seems to be out, so I have a new one on the way. I did a backyard wheel alignment, but will get a pro to get it dialed in next.

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The one I trouble shot for well over an hour tended to travel too far into the OFF position where the turn signals are re-connected. It would travel past the contacts and the turns wouldn't work. I just move it slightly towards the 4 way ON position and it would connect properly. I can't see the switch being dirty because how often do you use the 4 way? I think this was a common problem on the 720, just a bad design.

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