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What brand FJ caliper and pads?

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Happy Sunday!

Last night I received my newly machined struts from Don at DP racing. They were modded to accommodate 86-89 Toyota FJ 4 Runner calipers. I have everything but the calipers and pads. Where would you source the calipers and what pads would you use for a street/track application?

Thank you,


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If shopping for new, CENTRIC brand. Good stuff.

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Late to the party, but there are two different calipers. V6 and 4cyl calipers have different size pistons. The large V6 calipers have more volume, but they also have larger cooling fins cast into the caliper, which can cause fitment issues with some wheels. If I run into that problem here, I usually grind the fins off or run a thin spacer.

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