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Driveshaft alignment


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On my 1980 720 4wd I need to replace the front diff driveshaft (the short one, about 8 inches long) 

the new shaft is the same as the old one, identical bolt pattern same length, but I need to

rotate the input flange on the front diff about a inch to line up the bolts so I can put the four

bolts in.   :confused:


You would think a easy thing to do, but the truck is on blocks and I cant turn the diff flange the inch I need to

line up the bolt pattern.   


Unlocking the manual lockers on both wheels does nothing, niether does nothing, removing one tire and wheel

does nothing,  I am missing something   B)   I am tired of laying under this damn truck!


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If locking your hubs and turning the tires doesn't turn your diff it seems there is already something not right, unless you have the "auto" locking hubs. In theory you could need to turn both tires if the open diff is slipping when you turn only one


But you can put your trans in neutral and your tcase in 4wd and turn a back tire might do it. Again, You might a need a friend to turn the other side if the resistance is high enough you just spin on the open diff.


That should turn the tcase flange.


Also an option, bolt the shaft to the diff, jam a bar through the u joint and use that to turn the diff to align with the tcase.

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