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I.D. This Steering Wheel

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I rescued this from a Series One 240z part out.


In the original picture of it that the seller snapped, I mistakenly identified it as a 1600 Bluebird SSS steering wheel.


Up close though the rim is not that plastic imitation wood, it is foam rubber like a 74-78 s-30 ZCAR.


I think it might be Nissan as it utilizes a 240z horn button mechanism.


Anyone have any ideas? 


Someone on another forum says it looks like a Nardi, but I am not completely sold on that.


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Yeah a guy on another website said Izumi too.


Here is what I passed on to him;


 I have owned an Izumi steering wheel before and it was foam rubber like the one I have now.


The thing is the positvely identified Izumi foam rubber was much higher quality than the foam rubber which is on the wheel I have currently.


There was no deterioration whatsoever to the denser Izumi foam and it remained attached to the substructure even with a few elapsed decades.


The foam rubber on the one I have now looks and feels one  exactly like a stock 260z or 280z steering wheel.


The foam is not that dense and has come detached from the substructure at the top of the wheel  as a result of sun exposure.


I will not rule out Izumi though as the shape and description are very close.

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