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Has anyone swapped 520 with a ka24de

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Looking for info to swap my truck can anyone point me or tag me to a post

Thank you in advance

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No but probably they have swapped KA24DEs into 520s



Type this into Google..... "Datsun KA engine swaps into 521. ratsun" and start reading. Try using 620 instead as the 620 difficulties will be similar to the 521/520. Keep in mind the 520 used a smaller J series engine and the engine mounts were differently placed on the frame. 


Some things to think about and expect...

You will need a KA 5 speed, convert to EFI wiring, need a high pressure fuel pump OR convert to carburetor, modify the driveshaft length, Probably want to remove your 4.875 differential and replace with something in the 3s, custom rad, engine mounts, transmission mount, Convert to internally regulated alternator on the 520, probably an improved exhaust for the larger displacement. 

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