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Intake mainfold plugs...


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We have all probably messed with a Weber carb a bit in here, so I have a question: How do you plug the  big old hole that you aren‘t using anymore?


I ask this because the rubber cap style plugs have failed me twice in a similar fashion:





On my Z20 powered 720, I also have a stainless steel tube that runs from the exhaust manifold around the front of the engine to the carb. I need to cut that off short and cap it somehow as well. (Right now, it has been squished flat, rolled over and crimped.)


Anyway, my temporary fix seems to be okay for now.





I used high temp silicone tubing and a cap assembly from a model airplane fuel tank. I don‘t know it it will last forever and I would like a more elegant solution. I have the feeling that there is a much better solution out there that I just haven‘t found yet.  Any ideas?...

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Rubber "vacuum caps" suck now days. They are made from the cheapest material that can be called rubber, but crack and split in weeks. There are other firm plastic caps, probably some form of nitrile, but they too eventually fail.


One way to permanently seal off a connection you are not, nor will ever use is to weld it shut. Another way is to disconnect the pipe completely from wherever it is connected and use pipe plugs to seal the hole.


In your case, it appears you still want the two smaller lines hooked up. I would look for another vacuum fitting with only two ports, that threads into the manifold, replacing that one entirely. Summit has a good array of vacuum fittings - https://www.summitracing.com/search/part-type/vacuum-fittings-and-assortments?ibanner=SREPD4


Gardner Wescott also sells a lot of these types of fittings - http://gardner-westcott.com/product-category/automotive/

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Well, I knew somebody was going to say that.

Fuel line and a header bolt. Sure, that works just fine. I thought that idea was obvious, like the sister fix: ‘wrapping it with several layers of duct tape and aluminum foil tape and then cinch that shit down with a beefy hose clamp‘.    I kinda thought that those two ideas maybe went without saying...


Myself, I was hoping for a slightly more tutonic solution.

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