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Brake Lights not working w/headlights on..521


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My brake lights work fine when the headlights are off but when my headlights are on they dont change much at all, maybe just a smidge brither.   Turn signals work fine, high beams work and so do the flashers.   


When my lights are off and I push the brake the two middle RED lights light up.  When I turn my headlights on the same middle lights light up but when I push the brake almost nothing changes.   I am not even sure what is supposed to happen when I push the brakes with my headlights on,  I assume those middle lights get brighter?  If so maybe I have the wrong kind of bulbs in there? What bulbs should I have? I can see what looks like another filament lighting up but its so slight its barely noticeable.  

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Lol yes I am.  


I doubt it because I see what looks like the other filament lighting up when I push the brakes w/headlights on albeit ever so slightly (barely noticeable).  I just pulled them and they are both dual filament bulbs 1157s aaaaaaand fuck me.  


This entire time the bulbs were installed backwards.  



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