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Idle issue any help.

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Hello brother and sisters ,

Soo lately I've been having a idle issue.

I drive it in the morning , no proplem.

It only happens when I drive it home from work. It takes me 25 minutes to go home and it's an incline .

It only happens when I'm at a stop light , or complete stop. But it won't die. If I give it gas the idle will get better. Once I turn it off , it seems to back fire and engine shakes a bit. I try to turn it on and it won't turn over , once it does I'll have a weak idle making me give it gas to make it better but then Again fails to keep idle.

Any help?

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Sounds like choke is on or it's flooding. Take the air filter top off while it's warm and running. The choke flap should be full vertical and open. If it is look down. Can you see any dripping or wetness? You could look at the plugs. If dry but sooty black this is a good indicator.


The shaking when shut off is run on or dieseling. It shouldn't do this because you should have an idle cut solenoid to shut of the gas to the idle circuit. If it struggles to keep running it must be getting gas from somewhere.

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That's actually a sensible answer. I didn't think to include because the description sounds like dieseling on shut off, which probably wouldn't happen with a lean idle mixture from an air leak.


But, I'm only going by what was posted. When the OP comes back we'll have more to work with.

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