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78 bumpers


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1978 Datsun 280z with the ridiculous park bench bumpers.


Does anyone have any tips about moving the stock front bumper closer to the body?  I know most everybody prefers the smaller bumpers of the early Z cars and I do too, But, at the moment I just would like to move the stock bumper back.


If you have done it or have pictures of a Z with these bumpers moved back, I sure would appreciate a tip on how to do it or pictures of one already done.





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What I did on my 710 was nick the bumper shock with an angle grinder to let the pressurizes nitrogen? and oil out. Then it was a simple job of kicking the chrome bumper back towards the car as the shock collapses. I had to trim a rubber valance to get more room.

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I did much the same as Mike. I drilled through the outer pipe and then collapsed the shock. We actually took the shock apart and cut a couple inches off so we could collapse it until the chrome was even with the body. We completely removed the rubber if i remember correctly. We also welded the the two halves together once we determined where we wanted them.


The pipe is about 1/4 inch thick so it takes a while to get through.


Remove the screw in the center of the front of the shock, behind the bumper, to depressurize it first.

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Thanks for the responses.  Pretty much what I was thinking,   Not sure how the rubber will line up though.


The bumpers are coming off before the 21st for the car to go to the paint shop.   I will take a closer look then,

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