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datsun laurel 1983 dash board problem

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Hi everyone.

I have a Datsun Laurel,1983 model, straight 6 motor. I have a problem with my dash board. The indicator lights on the dash board stays on, as well as the the light for the back window warmer, when I put park lights on; but I have no background lights in the dash when I put the park lights on. Also, when the car is started, the petrol gauge rises to about 1/2 tank. Please can someone help me out?

As I said, I have park lights and brake lights. I've checked all the fuses. I am really not sure what to do any more.   

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South Africa, not first language. And smart phones may people lazy.


Dash lights are wired into the parking lights. Possibly the dash light dimmer switch is not good? Is the dimmer switch turned all the way down??


How much gas in tank? If full, and gauge only goes as high as 1/2 possibly the float in the tank sticks or is stuck.


When key is turned to ON (but not start) the oil pressure light, and the charge light should come on to show that these bulbs are working. Brake warning lamp should only be on if the hand brake is on or if there is a failure in the hydraulic brake system.

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hi datzemike

the tank is just above empty. the dimmer switch is working because when i turn it up those indicator lights on the dash go bright, but no back round lights on the dash.

All the oil lights, charge lights and hand brake lights are on if the key is on ACC position. 

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It is the dash illumination bulbs that are not working properly. But I cannot seem to find what is causing the issue.

Where is the earth for the cluster?

I have tested the ground on the middle console, and that ground has power - which doesn't seem right to me.


And what of the fuel gauge going up when I turn the park lights on? What could this be connected to?

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