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Electric brake boosters and stand alone ABS systems

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Has anyone ever checked out these?  http://www.powerbrakeservice.net/new-nissan-hydroboost-brake-booster.html Thoughts on the product and if you think they would be compatible with a standalone ABS system from say a pre 96 (OBD) car or one of the many MK60 M3 units that are available from more modern systems?


My thoughts


The electric/hydraulic booster scares me because it means there is more that can go wrong, future parts availability may not exist etc.  The vacuum booster is tried and true reliable.  In my experience when I was a mechanic I only ever had one booster fail that wasn't rusted out, and that was on a second gen RX7 that had overheated (cast iron side housings were glowing red hot.).  So all in all while simple it is reliable.  BUT.. in the case of many pre brake booster cars there isn't much room SO my thought was to adapt a booster from an early air cooled 911 that went in the floor.  These don't have a huge or unusable diameter and have bolt placements that would match a 510's master cylinder plus they aren't thick and shouldn't interfere with my weber side drafts on the l20b.  Anyway I have never seen these used en mass and I think it is one more thing to fail.  All the diesels I have owned use a vaccum pump and a vacuum booster but there is no need for a vacuum pump on a gas engine. so now that I am rambling moving on.





I love non ABS in a performance situation like on the track BUT for bumper to bumper DC/NOVA traffic I love ABS.  It has saved me more times than I c an count from some punk weaving through traffic cutting people off (when I am not in my RAM that is as in that yeah I am going to hit you then hit the gas so I run you over lol.)  There are a bunch of kits out there of course that all work with vacuum booster units but I have never seen one with a hydraulic unit so I don't know if it would be compatible which makes it all the less desirable.

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