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1966 411 Tire Options

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Hi Folks,


I just picked up a stock 411 and it needs new tires. From what I read the stock size converted is 165/80R-13. First question is whether 175 will fit those rims and not rub the fender. Second question is what tire is decent in that size? Everything I see says "trailer tire" and provides no specs. If they are all the same general garbage will just go on price.


Thanks, Derek

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Yes, they will fit and not rub the sheet metal.  The only question is "how are your shocks"?  Radial tire side walls are not the same as the stock bias ply OEM tires and may feel weird if you are used to the stock feel and steering response.  There are no "OEM 85 profile bias ply tires" made.  I use Remington Pi55/80R13 tires with after market {Sears} gas charged shocks.  They pretty much match the speedometer calibration and wear well.  "Remington" is an an aftermarket brand and as much as I can tell were made for private labels by Uniroyal. They may be available under other "house" brand names. You did not provide a location [bad boy!] so no local address of my long time provider of RL411 tires will do you any good!

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Doh, location added. Thanks for the information. Am sure the shocks are wasted, so will add those to the list.

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I have 175/70R13 tires on my stock rims on my '66 sedan, and they fit perfectly with no modifications.

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