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  1. Thanks. I'll see if I can get a spare Roadster one to test. Otherwise I found a couple places that will rebuild it.
  2. Looks like mine has bitten the dust (1966 P411 J13). Wiring and gauge (and voltage reg) are fine as a short between the black and yellow wires runs the gauge to past full. Any idea of there are compatible replacements from other cars? I'm not seeing any 411 models on my searched. Thanks, Derek
  3. Howdy, my 66 sedan has some hokey PO straps bolted to the rear floor. Does anyone have good pics of the stock seat belts for the sedan? Any idea of donors or choices? Thanks, Derek
  4. Time Left: 2 days and 17 hours

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    Looking for a NAPZ EFI intake manifold and throttle body.


  5. Holy sh*t. Just pulled the sender and looked in the tank. They must have pressurized it heavily because the tank has pulled away from the inner baffles. It hasn't broken the spot welds, but that has got to be more than 4PSI.
  6. Thanks. Mine is definitely bloated and more round. I guess the pressure check must have done it. I appreciate the pics and will carefully try to reshape it.
  7. Uploaded 5 tank images here: http://datsun510.com/index.php?/gallery/album/813-datsun-411-stuff/ Tank metal is thick, so just doesn't seem like it should have changed from compressed air. Let me know thoughts...
  8. Nope. And the contours look correct. I just pulled the straps also to get them out of the way in case they were somehow binding. No cigar.
  9. Howdy, pulled my fuel tank from my 1966 411 sedan and got it boiled out. When it came back it no longer seems to fit. The center bottom is clearly hitting on the "hump" in the body. The straps no longer are the correct length. I figured I was just an idiot and pulled the tank again and this time took out both of the bottom fittings as they made it difficult to get in and out of the car. It clearly sits on the tank middle and not in the mounts. Any chance one of you have good pics of the stock tank in the car as well as the bottom of the tank? I'm reluctant to reshape it with a dead blow hammer, but really don't like it not sitting correctly. The thing is the tank does not look any different from when I gave it to the shop. This is puzzling and frustrating. Thanks, Derek
  10. Any idea where to find rebuild kits? I'd just assume clean and reuse the original housings if internals are available. If NLA, are kits from other models compatible? Many thanks, Derek
  11. Hi Folks, Been a while since I posted, but wanted to let you know that more manuals have been uploaded to datsun510.com, along with some old articles and such. We've got more on the way, but are starting to get into the more rare/expensive ones such as the Z cars. Always happy to take donations of missing manuals if you have them laying around or a couple $$$ to purchase more. The process is destructive, so you'll get a manual back without the spine, but it makes scanning much, much easier. Happy downloading, Derek
  12. Doh! Nevermind. Figured out it was the engine compartment lamp.
  13. Reading the 411 wiring diagram so I can unbodge the PO's work. Never heard of a concent valve and cannot find any info. Thanks, Derek
  14. My 411 came with 3 steel wheels that have 3 small prongs on the surface at 120 degrees separation and 2 steel wheels that just have the raised area with 4 humps. Both types can be seen in my gallery here: http://datsun510.com/index.php?/gallery/album/772-1966-pl411/. Does anyone have an image of the stock wheels so I know if I need 2 or 3 replacements? Thanks, Derek
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