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  1. For those not on the same Facebook groups: This is for all you Datsun folks that went to the Mt. Shasta All-Datsun Meets. With permission from Dennis and Peggy and help from a few, we've assembled an 18-month calendar (2022-mid2023) that has the group photos from all the shows 1993-2006 along with the Thunderhill Racway track days. They are printed on 100lb heavy cardstock. $28 + $6 shipping in the US and $13 shipping international. You can send payment via PayPal to derek@datsun510.com. Email me to arrange other options. BTW, make sure your PayPal includes your name, email address, street address, and phone number for shipping. Feel free to share with those that were there. -- Derek
  2. Hey folks, I picked up another car and really would like it all one color 🙂 Any of you in the Bay Area do spraying from your own shop or garage? Or can you recommend? Thanks, Derek
  3. Hi Folks, Paolo Musante/Axsys Technologies Ltd. has made available for download his hi-resolution color wiring diagrams for the Datsun 510. These are vector-based PDFs with layers, allowing you to zoom in very far with great detail, as well as having the ability to turn on/off certain wire colors or components, depending on whether your PDF viewer software allows layered functions. Paolo sells these printed as dual-sided 11x17 laminated reference cards for easy reference. There are 8 PDF files in the set including: #1 – 1968 510 Sedan #2 – 1968 510 Wagon #3 – 1969 510 Sedan #4 – 1969 510 Wagon #5 – 1970-72 510 Sedan Automatic #6 – 1970-72 510 Wagon Automatic #7 - 1970-72 510 Sedan Manual #8 - 1970-72 510 Wagon Manual Downloads available at http://datsun510.com or if you would like a high quality laminated hard copy contact Paolo directly by contacting him on the bluebirds mailing list. Thanks, Derek
  4. Hi Folks, I just uploaded a whole bunch of new wiring diagrams. Log in at http://datsun510.com and check the downloads section to access. Thanks, Derek
  5. Hi Folks, I just uploaded a slew of wiring diagrams to datsun510.com. These are a combination of FSM and Mitchell. There are over 60 available in the Downloads section after you log in with many more coming next week. These are all original scans and not nicked from the web or other folks. As such, the FSM were scanned at 200DPI and the Mitchell at 150DPI. There's also been quite a bit of cleanup to the images including sizing and splicing the Mitchell halves as well as the standard rotate, crop, resize, etc. FSM files are mostly between 85MB-100MB and can be zoomed in quite a bit with higher resolution. The Mitchell ones are mostly around 35MB. As with each thing going up on datsun510.com, I'm happy to donate the time to make it happen if any folks wish to contribute to the purchase and scan prices of additional material. These, like everything else uploaded, are available for free. If you have a few extra bucks and wish to donate, my PayPal is derek - at - datsun510 - dot - com and the donations will go directly to acquiring more goodies for everyone. Thanks, Derek
  6. Great idea. I found some on fleabay for $53, which is a drag, but already bought them and rebuilt the cylinders. Will do the swap at some point when I install Mike's front brake kit. Thanks for the idea though for when these inevitably fail.
  7. No, I'm 4 on the floor for now.
  8. Went to bleed the brakes today and the rear drivers side has a puddle. Pulled the wheel cylinder and the seal has a huge chunk out of it. Great. I rebuilt these just a year ago with almost no miles on the car. Crappy rubber I figure. At any rate, is there a good seal kit available? I only see stuff on eBay from unknown origin. Napa or Raybestos or whatever else would be great. Thanks, Derek
  9. Ah, you folks are awesome! Thanks for all the info. Sure beats pulling parts off the car. Derek
  10. Howdy folks, Am tired of the felt front cover seal leaking, so want to modify to use a rubber style seal. Does anyone have a J13 crank pulley laying around that can measure the diameter of the seal surface? I'd rather not go through the hassle of pulling the one on the car if possible. Also, there was a thread here (can't find it now) about someone that did a front seal modification on a J13. I think it was for a 520, but again, not finding it in search. They may have listed the seal part number. Thanks, Derek
  11. The phase angles can be run at 0 degrees and you will want slope angle to be less than 3 degrees at full extension of the suspension (not jacked up off the ground, but what you believe will be the extent of your suspension travel while driving). With a fixed center like in a 510 it is not good to run both at 0 degrees, but with a live axle you will have movement constantly changing the slope angle. You should also triangulate the lateral (side to side) alignment of the centerline of the crank to the tailshaft as one plane and the input and axis of the pinion as the other plane. This can't be done with the inclinometer, but can be done with string, plumbobs, and a lot of patience. If lateral alignment is off then the driveshaft will have a jumprope affect as well as stress on the U-joints. Funny thing is that nobody speaks about it in any engine swap article since it is a pain to set up and measure.
  12. Let me know if someone has an OEM rebuildable core available. This would be the one with the circlip holding in the spool. I just pulled mine to rebuild it and realized it was an aftermarket, so the seals won't fit. Would rather have an original than fit another rebuilt aftermarket unit. Thanks, Derek
  13. Howdy folks, Am seeing a lot of eBay ads for J12/J13/J15/J16 fuel pumps, but the pump looks different than my 1966 411 J13. Anyone sure if they are the same? Mine can't keep up with demand and needs replacing, so want to verify before buying. Thanks, Derek
  14. Thanks. I'll see if I can get a spare Roadster one to test. Otherwise I found a couple places that will rebuild it.
  15. Looks like mine has bitten the dust (1966 P411 J13). Wiring and gauge (and voltage reg) are fine as a short between the black and yellow wires runs the gauge to past full. Any idea of there are compatible replacements from other cars? I'm not seeing any 411 models on my searched. Thanks, Derek
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