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Subaru r160 shure trac?


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I have imported about 2 dozen of those, and set several up for people.

There are 2 versions, one meant to be used with open diff shafts, and one that was meant to be used with the viscous LSD shafts.

There are no markings on the outside, so you can only tell by looking in the spline holes.

But they are both easily used in the 510.


If it's for the open diff shafts, there will be 2 snap rings (actually they are C clips made of round wire), that are at the same depth on both sides.

If it's for the Viscous shafts, it will have only one C-clip, and the grove depths differ from side to side.

This one will need an additional C-clip to be added to one output shaft.


Both styles require C-clip groves cut into the stub shafts, so they match up with the groves/C-clips in the AP.

And you will need to plug the center holes.

You can do this 2 ways, either by machining a tapered plug that is a press fit, or just use a 10mm bolt and nut with a little sealant.

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awesome so i can use the stock r160 datsun stub shafts for the shur trac  just gotta plug the center holes and cut a c clip grove in it.


clarity is great

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