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bagged and low

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so here is the deal. i want to slam the wagon by means of air but i cant seem to find the right starting point.

 the wheels i have on the car are the Windmills and they have too much offset. First thing to take into consideration, wheel offset.

that brings up the questions , find diffrent wheels, narrow the rear end or find a shorter stock rearend?

narrowing a rearend  for my application would be in the $800 range. 

finding wheels might be a fast rout so one can move straight to fabing and modding for the drop.

the third is tracking down a rear end that is shorter than the 411, an is stock. in hopes that it can be pulled from

the junk yard. 

Id like to do a narrowed rear then i am not limited on wheel selection.


Any thoughts on other rearends?

Any one have expirence doing a bagged 411 wagon? 


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Have you read JustJoel's thread?


Start there. Carry on.

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Shoot. I missed he was asking about a 411.

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Roadster rear end is narrower than 411 i believe. And it's bolt in. Bananahamuck did an axle swap in his "aunt flo" build. See his thread for more info.


Seems like just Joel's e30 bag conversion for the rear would be similar at least.

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As usual i find swedishcadillacs build right after i make this thread. still thank you .

gotta get this thing ready for the show . if i can ever remember my photobucket password,

id post some pictures. 

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