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1978 200sx transmission removal

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Hey guys I need to change the clutch in my 78 200 sx.  I see in the repair manual that the engine and transmission is to be remove together.  Is this true?  Is there a way to just remove the transmission in order to replace the clutch?



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Sometimes it's easier to take them both out. I don't know if this is the case here but it can certainly be done separately. After disconnecting the battery and removing the clutch slave from the transmission.. (wire or tape it so the piston cannot extend and fall out) the starter, draining the transmission, unplug reverse light harness and removing the driveshaft and the shifter, have a jack on the rear of the oil pan to support the engine weight. Loosen and remove the crossmember with the transmission mount on it and lower the transmission/engine down with the jack. Keep an eye on your fan that it not contact the rad or just remove it also.


With the rear of the transmission lowered you will find it somewhat easier to get at the transmission to engine mounting bolts. Have something under the transmission for it to fall onto.


Disconnect the battery and drain the transmission. These are two simple things that will make this job so much more enjoyable if you do. Oil will spill when the transmission is tilted and the starter WILL weld to the block when you try to remove it. Trust me.


Replace the release bearing. They are only $10 and sure as shit it will begin making noise next spring and you will have to tear this all out again.

Replace the $3 pilot bushing in the end of the crank because it's easy and only $3. Ask how.

Replace the transmission rear seal only $5 and same reason as the pilot bushing.


Inspect the flywheel for grooving or uneven wear. $30-$50 you can have it re surfaced. If in good shape, get a block of wood and sand paper and using a circular pattern, buff the shine off the surface.

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Hey ive done this first hand and its super easy on these beasts. You can undo all the bellhousing bolts from the top with a wrench or a rachet theres lots of room, ratchet strap from the intake or whatever to the rad support so the motor doesnt fall backwards.

Well the bottom two might be easier from the bottom.


4 bolts for the driveshaft, then undo the steady bearing(2 bolts), remove driveshaft.

Remove tranny crossmember and undo tranny mount.. 6 bolts.. May want to put a jack under the trans at this point.

Unplug wires to the side of the tranny,

Unbolt the slave cylinder

Unbolt the starter


You should be able to pull that sucker back and out. If the shifter hangs up its 4 screws to take the center console out and 4 screws holds the tranny cover plate on.


When i swapped mine out it took like 20 minutes. I put a 71c back in and had to make a new tranny mount and driveshaft so it took alot longer. Even now i think i could get it out in under an hour.


With my exhaust i had enough room that i didnt need to unbolt it or anything, maybe unbolt the hangar from the tranny mount, thats about it.


You need a 10,12,13,14 and i think a 17 mm wrench and socket and maybe a pry bar and your should be set

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Number 3 philly cheese bit for the console screws, the front ones are a 10 or 12 with a philly in the center. number 2 philly for the trans plate.


Actually remembering now i took the shifter off, so once you get the console and the plate off you can get the snap ring off with a clip hooker or snap ring pliers, take the pin out and out it comes.


I was soo happy doing this, and not having to deal with the stupid hand shredding flange edges and univerals on long ass extensions and shit that you gotta use on gm products.


Datsuns ftw!

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Thanks guys.  I'm glad I don't have to remove both engine and tranny.  I looks like a pain because this one has A/C.  i will get this project done when the weather gets better.  Thanks again for all the great info

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