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Correct OEM Thermostat for 1985 720 with Z24 Engine ?


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 Does anybody know what the correct part number is for a genuine Nissan OEM thermostat for a 1985 720 pickup with a Z24 2.4 Gas engine ?


 I found a diagram that seems to say it is part # 2120058G05


 When I searched on Ebay a listing came up for this part #, but it says that it is only compatible with 1985 Diesel 720 engines.


 I'm figuring that is likely just a misprint, but i wanted to make sure before buying it ! It looks the same to me, but I don't want to get it and then it doesn't fit.


 Will any other part numbers work ?


 Thanks bros !!!

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Most thermostats of that era were the same physical size so pretty much any will fit and work. I have no idea where you are so if in the tropics a 170F is recommended, temperate zone 180F and frigid or arctic is 190F.


NAPA can cross reference you one. It should be mounted with the spring into the intake or towards the engine and the small vent hole or jiggle valve to the top. For a good one expect to spend $10. A $2.99 one from WallMart doesn't save you anything if you overheat.



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21200-80W00    82 C (STOCK)

21200-80W10    76.5 C

21200-80W05    88  C

The above part #'s fit from production date 07/84 and on


for production date up to 06/84 see below

21200-P7901    82 C (STOCK)

21200-F3160    76.5 C

21200-P7906    88 C     

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