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78 810 coilover?

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Alright so ended up getting some S13 Megan tracks that had barely any miles from a friend for hardly anything so cut all the tabs off the base, put the base on the lathe and turned the inside down from 49mm to 51mm, then disassembled the factory spindles, cut the shock tube down to about an inch, slid the coilover bottoms over it and welded, then bolt up, obviously was a little more time consuming than it sounded, in the picture I could probably go about 3" lower without losing preload, probably 5" lower if I didn't care about preload (which I do), and I can raise it probably 4" higher.  I'll snag some more pictures later of the whole spindle together with the coilover, that was the only thing I forgot to take a picture of.  Car is going to go a little lower probably.


and here is the amount of suspension droop with the car jacked up (that's lifted from the middle of the front subframe, not the control arm ;)

Still have to do the rears but that should just be a bolt on thing

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Awesome that's what I need to do for thr front of mine, noticed we have the same tires lol.

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I think its gonna drive and handle awesome

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Loving this, keep it up ! :-)


what size are the tires? 205/45/15 or something?


Btw sorry for asking so much about the wheels, just trying to picture how 16x7 +4 will look on my wagon.

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Kinda thought ratsun would be the last place to judge everyone's shit, is he sure he isnt stuck in 2005 and thinking this is zilvia?

Lol Zilvia... Good days.

Check my thread, i have some info on coilovers for the rear of my 510. Maybe youll get an idea. S13 coils fit pretty easily with some lathework.

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