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  1. Boundish


    Nice project! , more pics :-)
  2. I was planning on covering the entire floor, door and side panels with butyl mats. Much like this , but this guy has left holes in the door sides . Im going to leave as few holes as possible :-) http://rsmg.pbsrc.com/albums/v470/anaranchi/IMG_0519.jpg?w=480&h=480&fit=clip
  3. Boundish


    Pic of the day :-)
  4. Boundish


    Im not going to lower the car so Rota RB 16x7 +4 offset should work fine with 205/45/r16 tyres. :-)
  5. Boundish


    Cool idea. Did two more pics one with and without the four lines.
  6. Boundish


    Been toying with the idea of painting the spare grille i have black after seeing that JDM 810 in the magazine a few posts earlier. So i decided to do a quick photoshop to see the difference. So what do you guys think, yay or nay?
  7. Boundish

    78 810 coilover?

    Loving this, keep it up ! :-) what size are the tires? 205/45/15 or something? Btw sorry for asking so much about the wheels, just trying to picture how 16x7 +4 will look on my wagon.
  8. Boundish


    Bummer, they look really cool , gives the car a menacing look.
  9. Thank you :-) i love it too , its just great and being so rare im always getting people waving and giving thumbs up :-)
  10. Boundish


    Any luck with finding these? They are just awesome
  11. Mini update . Tested some angles with the gopro yesterday Beware of hideous wind noise .. im getting a "deadcat".
  12. Boundish


    I have a project thread on this car right here : http://community.ratsun.net/topic/68837-1978-datsun-810-wagon-4spd/ tons of pics . And heres a youtube clip i made from some testing gopro footage https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uIotYtZhUZg PS. horrible windnoise ,need to get a "deadcat" for my mic. But there is a semi nice tunnel pull in it tho hah.
  13. Thanks , guess ill just start from the back slowly work forward :-)
  14. Boundish


    Beautiful color! heres mine btw
  15. Boundish


    Cool i think i will run 205/50(maybe 45)/16 on the rota wheels. Anyhow , will a stock L28ET with a swapped oil pan fit? , only problem i can think of is steering box clerance ..
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