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Rear brake return spring ruins my day.


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So, I hear this scraping sound in my left rear drum on my 521, and it sound horrible, like my ex screeching at me for more money. 


Pull the drum off and find a broken return spring wedged where it shouldn't be, in two pieces. 


Tried every auto parts store in a 10 mile radius and nobody has jack s***. All they do is ask me " what year, etc." and then they say "We don't have it."

F*********k. Really? you can't even look around and find one that's close?? 


One of the last sunny cold days I'm gonna see this year, and I can't take the truck out. 


a 20-minute repair becomes a weeklong job because now I have to wait for this tiny little $3 part. 


Son of a bitch.


Here's a photo of the little f***er:


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Hobospyder, you are the SHIT! Thanks so much for saving my week! I might get a drive in before the rain gets here! 


Got the spring in, and my shoes are OK, but now I have spares (they match! Woot!)


You deserve a lotta Ratsun karma, dude. I need to go tell the world how awesome you are...


Can't thank you enough.






...hmm. I probably should've grabbed those drums, too... damn.

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well we learned something today, rear springs and shoes from 521 to 620 match, possibly drums as well. they're still in the back of the car but i'm not going to edmunds again during the week this week. either you claim the drums or they go up in pay it forward thread at some point.


also, i may have the e-brake lever thingies in the back of my car still.... those kinda came off while i was removing everything i think. got kinda pull happy

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Tell you what, let's say I'll take those drums, etc. next time I run into you, but only if someone else hasn't claimed them. Sound cool? I'd hate to have parts laying around that somebody might need/want.


sounds good, if someone does claim them they'll have to be local, i don't feel like shipping drums across country

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