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Someone who has the parts needs to try this...cv axle content.


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I just dont have the parts on hand, nor do I know anyone who does.


You would need a R160 subaru diff for this.


300zx turbo 4 bolt axels.


90-92 d21 front axels from 6 cyl.


Simply put, use the d21 axle shaft in place of the 300zx shaft. Flip the cages on either end for clearance (+/- 10mm).


This on paper and 1 pic gives +/-17" of compressed axle, which is damn near identical to our stock half shafts.


I know one (or many) of you have these axles in you shed.


Its all documented that these parts fit together, just no one has done it.


Some one do it.


Or if one of you has one or the other, ship it to me and I will try.


I would also love to confirm that the race/bearings from the 300zx would slide into the old 25 spline count diff side joints, from older subarus (all 6 ball design). Then you could use your datsun r160. Or i can use my old subaru vlsd, also 25 spline count.

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Im heading to the 2 jy's local to me. I know ill find d21 axles, but def no z stuff.


For testing purposes, it can be non turbo axles, but the 4 bolt birfield end is the optimal one to use. (does its 4 bolt end bolt directly to the stub flange? If not that adapter would be super simple/cheap to make.)


Im thinking just buy new, and return them when im done tinkering if no one can come up with the parts.


Will look into the subaru jy, thanks, as the axles needed to engage the lsd on older subarus is hard to find.

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