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I need fenders 620


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hey thanks thats an awesome webpage! and i tried to order those fiberglass fenders but the webpage i found the phone number was disconnected and the email didnt go through. what page were you looking at?

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Partstrain.com has datsun parts.. cheap cheap.. Hoods fenders, lower valance, grills... etc...


only problem with this outfit would be the shipping...the original prices are fantastic, but, having said that, I know that they will bite you in the behind on the shipping..(for instance the shipping to my Chino residence of a front valance..13 bucks retail the shipping was to have been 18 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!1) so knowing they were a local SO Cal company, I called them and had the shipping cancelled and went the will call method..bought 2 fenders, a hood, anew grille and the aforementioned valance..bout 3 years ago......I heard recently that they wont let anyone do a will call anymore..plain reason..they lose that shipping money....nuff said

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Shipping through parts is about 150.00... BIG DEAL... Your getting new OEM parts..I have ordred from them the Hood, Fenders, Chrome bumper, and the Grill.. To my Door for under 425.00.. Its a good deal... and their not fiberglass


I am happy that your experience with them was positive...mine on the other hand..welllll not so positive! when I got everything in and bolted up..and off to the painter......paint preperation being the bitch that it is anyway, became more so as we discovered dents in the fenders..not many but enuff and a fairly large size indentation in the hood..all from the "OEM" Parts you described...actually thse are not really "OEM" I have been told they are very good reproductions.....but for the money you are saving I suppose they are worth it..anyone that has seen "OL YELLER" will attest to the fact that He is a very straight, and very nice truck in his yellow glory..(Right Mark,,,Steroid, Ryan?)...anyway that is my rant for the day...sorry to be so long winded..old farts like me tend to be that way....LOL

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