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L28 Exhaust Flange for Downpipe - mklotz70


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Hi guys,

I've been asked about creating a manifold flange for the L28, like the 3/8" thick one I currently do for the 4cyl L-series.  I figured I check with you guys before I get too far along.


Are they available somewhere?  Is there a need/want for them?


If I'm going to move forward with this, I was wondering if there might be a local Z guy that has a stock flange or downpipe that I can borrow to verify dimensions.  I can get them close with the gasket, but not close enough to commit to a laser cutting order.





....pic of CAD....not yet to correct dimensions.



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Hey mike. I'll bring the one off my 79280zx 2 canby....I'll need it back later.


I may have all the measurements I need.  Can you pm an email.  When I get the new CAD done, I'll send you a 1:1 pdf that you can print and compare to your flange.  If it's good, no need to bring the other. :)  I did the CAD work based on the exhaust gasket, but I've since found out that the flange looks more like the one for the 4 cylinder L-series engines.  Hmmmm......I should probably check that gasket against the flanges I already have!! I think they're a bit small.

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