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  1. harlow426@msn.com

    Canby 2015 10th anniversary, No Excuses June 13th-14th

    I have two of those water filled/air pressurized/fire extinguishers(refillable-best $15 I ever spent). If you hold your arms up I'm sure somebody will spray down your pits! Ice cold Pepsi required rental fee.
  2. harlow426@msn.com

    My First 720. And First Datsun!

    I have a good quality spark plug re-threading tap. plugs are 14mm. One end cleans up existing threads, one end of tap makes hole 16mm to facilitate the steel inserts available @ parts store(>$10). Welcome to use it as long as it gets returnd' in as good or better shape(belongs to my pops').Dibs on the z head if you go LZ. I believe in using ANTISIEZE compound on threads after I get them totally clean with q-tips/carb-choke. Little dab will do-ya.
  3. harlow426@msn.com

    2015 CANBY TRUCK

    We can dump em' in the Puddin' River....mile or so away.
  4. harlow426@msn.com

    2015 CANBY TRUCK

    I've never met Tank'.....but I'm part of the 'poor' crowd. Truck is too nice, so much tlc, gracious donations......i'd feel a little small if I was blessed with it. I'd probably sell it to Tank' and buy 1 or 5 trucks like the 66' 520 Denmarkboy has 4 sale(and have $$ left over!)!!
  5. harlow426@msn.com

    83' 720kc c.l. SCORE! Brownie #3

    Busted my camera....might b a while b-4 more pics.
  6. harlow426@msn.com

    83' 720kc c.l. SCORE! Brownie #3

    Trans near spotless now. Don't want to calculate the time it took. Hit it with uv resistant clear coat.....hopefully will b easier to KEEP clean.
  7. harlow426@msn.com

    83' 720kc c.l. SCORE! Brownie #3

    Scored an actual 14"x3" K&N for my monster air cleaner housing on my Webbbur. $48 new local parts store......$10 used @ yard sale! Washed/dry ready for oil! :thumbup:
  8. harlow426@msn.com

    2015 CANBY TRUCK

    Yep...bed on frame. :rofl: Green truck(the Turd) damn UGLY!
  9. harlow426@msn.com

    Power Steering Questions

    Many 4x4 came with power steering and tilt. I have only seen a few 2wd with powersteering. Tilt column even fewer. I have had 6+ 720's(80-86) and only 2(83std-83kc) had the factory front sway bar. If yours doesn't have power steering don't worry....easy to turn without. TILT in a std cab a must. Snag the swaybar and hardware off same truck if equipped.
  10. harlow426@msn.com

    An oil pressure concern

    Darn...would of saved me some time b-4 Canby. Guess I'll just go with the good stock one 4 now. Thanks 4 the clarification!
  11. harlow426@msn.com

    2015 CANBY TRUCK

    Pepsi and bottled H2O chillin' in my 1953 G.E. fridge....found my large 12v powered cooler. Hogie picking me up in am, C-ya all there!! :thumbup:
  12. harlow426@msn.com

    An oil pressure concern

    ok....the pump on my 79 280zx motor would b high volume like the preferred ka pump? L2.8 auto, non-turbo, electronic ign, german copy fuel injection(good system). Motor going into B#3 in the next 12 hours....anybody?
  13. harlow426@msn.com

    My 1st Z! 79 280zx

    The Z-truck is no more. Put almost 2000miles on it! Minor electrical issue curbd' it. Saved some stuff off of it if anybody needs parts. Will bring stuff 2 canby. Motor is my 521 powerplant.....denmarkboy has a 4speed I need 2 pull. Can I swap guts from an 83-720 5speed into the L6-4speed housing? Z24 flywheel/clutch work?
  14. harlow426@msn.com

    L28 Exhaust Flange for Downpipe - mklotz70

    Hey mike. I'll bring the one off my 79280zx 2 canby....I'll need it back later.
  15. harlow426@msn.com

    2015 CANBY TRUCK


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