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Datsun 510 door mirror questions

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So my 1970 wagon has holes in the door from whatever mirror it came with. But the bolt hole spacing I show is 3", staggered (one higher than the other).



I'd like to put a stock mirror on there. Some brand new Tiawan mirrors came with the car (bottom right), but they were obviously not the right ones. So I bought a stock 510 mirror that should be correct for this goon (Upper Left). Even has the offset holes. (Here are both styles.)



Problem is, on what should be the stock mirror, the hole spacing is 1-7/8, so I can't use my holes. I've checked with a few sources and 1-7/8 seems to be the distance on the oem mirror.



So my 1st question is, was there a third style mirror on 510 goons with a 3" hole spacing that is offset?


My second question is, is there a source for the rubber gasket for the mirror? Cause in the end the oem mirror will cover both holes on my door. I will just have to drill another hole. If there is no source for a gasket, I will just try to cut some thick rubber my self.

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Being a 40 year old car who knows what mirrors were on the car or what mirror those holes are for.


The factory mirrors should have a soft plastic piece that goes between the mirror and the body that acts like a gasket.

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I use my pica pole to measure things too. :D


What does the google images show for factory mirrors?

From what I can tell the one shown in the upper left of my photo is the factory mirror. I was suspecting someone put something else on there at some point that wasn't Datsun. But wondered if there was an OEM mirror style I am unaware of. Especially because of the staggered hole placement. My car was repainted by the PO so I guess there could be a filled in hole under the paint.

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An update on this for those on a similar quest. I may have found the match. THese have the wider offset mounting holes and were listed for a Datusn 510 sedan and wagon on ebay. Listed as OEM, but IKI is the branding.









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