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Suspension ID

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I'd like some help ID'ing some suspension, I know the fronts are Tokico but not sure which ones exactly and the rears are KYB gr2's what I have no clue about are the springs which I saw no markings on or spring rate. I've already shearched but couldn't find anything, thanks in advance...





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The front looks just like a stock Nissan strut with blue paint. The caliper isn't stock but could pass for a 280zx swap. The bottom spring pad and the coil would have been swapped onto the strut as a zx spring won't fit up into the 510 strut tower. As it's painted it's hard to see if it's been welded on. If someone told you Tokico, they may have meant the damper inside was replaced with a Tokico insert.


As for front and back spring rate, this can easily be worked out with some simple measurements and a calculation. I just need the thickness of the wire, the diameter of the coil (center to center of wire or outside to outside but specify which one you give) and last, the number of free coils not touching the bottom perch and the top hat.   

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