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'69 510 Dash Removal. Simple? Difficult?

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I have a '69 510 4dr and I'm pretty new to 510s. The dash pad (or top?) is pretty well cracked. I was thinking about getting the dash pad re-done since I'm not really interested in "covers." I'm not anxious to get this done, but it's something that's been in the back of my mind when I drive it around (like today haha).


I guess my question.. how difficult is it to get the dash pad restored? And how far apart does the dash have to come apart? Does the whole dash frame assembly have to be removed off the car? Am I getting myself into trouble?  :confused:  Also, any recommendations for dash pads? I've read about Just Dashes a little bit, and they seem to get mixed reviews. Any other places? 


Any suggestions/comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 

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im not sure about 510s as I just got one my self but the 68 69 dash seem like it would be set up much like the 521 dash that isn't hard to remove at all with alittle help from a friend. I think the 521s only have 6 bolts holding it in(after disconnecting switches and cluster)  with a few perimeter screws holding on the top but im assuming its the same idea. don't think it would be too hard to find a place to rewrap the top for you

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Removing the top dash pad in your `69 isn't difficult. Remove the top plate that sits up against the windshield then remove the exposed fasteners holding the top back area of the dash pad. Remove the screws on each end of the dash pad, the speedo cluster and radio along with ash tray. The nuts holding the front of the dash pad on the frame are located up in front on the inside behind the dash and their 8mm if memory serves me right. Its not that difficult a job and will provide you the opportunity to make any improvements on securing wiring and windshield defog vents if needed. At this point pulling the whole dash frame is pretty simple if you wanted to go that route.

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Hi Everyone,



I know this is an old thread but I wanted to share this for the next guy searching for info on how to remove the dash on a 69 510.  The previous owner of the Wagon had the Speedo, glove box, ash tray, and some  other panels removed. I have never worked on an older car before and was very nervous about braking any of the brackets/mounting points. I ended up having to drill out a rusted screw connecting the dash to the firewall just below the left side of the windshield.


Now that I have this out, I will repaint the dash skeleton black, and recover the dash pad.



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1 hour ago, Dat6T9 said:


Looks good! I just started tearing into mine as well.... did you recover it yourself? If so, how?



Yes I did it myself. Not sure if I should post here as I don’t want to hijack this thread or if I should do a separate thread.


Datsun 510



Datsun 510




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