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  1. Guess so. More food for us ???
  2. http://bringatrailer.com/2017/03/11/ka24de-swapped-1975-datsun-710-wagon/
  3. I'm in! Bringing burgers and... Something else, haven't decided
  4. Wouldn't hurt to add: frame sliders for protection. http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/shogun-frame-sliders-suzuki-sv650-2003-2009 and a tank pad to protect the tank from getting scratched from your zipper and belt http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/yoshimura-tank-pad looks great! you'll be popping wheelies in no time :thumbup:
  5. it was nice seeing and meeting everyone at the meet! :) I had a good time. Wish I could've chatted some more. Many thanks to Indy for the side glass! Hope everyone enjoyed the rice balls, hot links, and burgers! Hope everyone was full. Can't wait for the next one B) Will try to bring some other foods and drinks next time.
  6. Guy never gave em to me :blush: and i think there's a trim piece i need. I need to take a better look at yours!
  7. how much for the wheels and hub caps?! :rofl: :rofl:
  8. Yup. Weird though, they just took engine and trans, gas tank, and seats. Just overall random stuff. Guy went home for lunch, parked it in front of apartment, came downstairs an hour later, and it was gone. Poor guy. Funny, his mechanic that worked/maintained the car is also a friend of mine. Small world. Thanks! Just got lucky with this one. I didn't pay a whole lot for the car. Chrome trim? Hrmm.. no I don't think so, I've actually haven't spent too much time on the car. Quick wash, cleaned the inside out, and tucked it away for now. And I also actually have a spare KA24DE from m
  9. Also saved this thing the other day. Drove by it a few times a week over a couple months and noticed it sitting in a lot. Someone spotted it on Craigslist and I picked it up a couple weeks ago. No engine and transmission. Has a few hiccups, but body overall is very solid. Great project car. Glad I could find it a home (probably not with me :blush: )
  10. So been pretty I tinker with the 510 in waves and when I have time. Been pretty busy with life and work and bills.. I did get the water pump back, spins freely and everything looks okay. Although, the Flying Dutchman didn't seem to listen to instructions very well. Specifically asked the water pump NOT to be painted, just wanted to change the seals and I'll do the clean up. Also, took it upon himself to "touch up/repair" sealing area on the water pump. Think I would've done it a little differently. Haven't put it in yet, so not sure how well or how long this will last. Flying Dutchm
  11. Lol. it sure did! i was pretty bummed and feeling pretty defeated.. that's probably only the second time I've snapped a bolt :blush: working on cars suck! Thanks! Yeah, definitely needed to re-tap threads after seeing what came out. Used anti-seize and gasket sealer and waited 24hrs before filling the car. Car is up and running now! :thumbup: left me pretty good sized bruises on my arm though. Not looking forward to swapping it back out.. Original owner came by and noticed the car, should've seen his face. It was like he was a flashback moments hahaha!
  12. Maybe I'll bring mine! :rofl:
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