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  1. Just seen this sorry. I've been running the NA S14 SR20DE in my 510 for 13/14 years now. Yes the original pressure plate is very specific and very expensive if you needed another in which I was told would have to be ordered from Japan, F that. I purchased a Findanza 10lb aluminum flywheel and stock clutch for a DET and it all bolted right in why wouldn't it? My engine is running 180hp at the crank and the clutch is for a 205hp Turbo motor so yeah! it'll work and it does and still chuggin plus it isn't a pressure monster to use its stock.
  2. That's correct, I'm in Southern NH.
  3. You going to the East Coast 510 Meet at Summit Point Raceway in WV? It's the weekend of May 17, 18, 19. I'm leaving from NH in my 510 Friday morning at 00:01am. I like to take my time so likely arrive about 10am setup camp, hit the pits to see who's racing. If interested text me at 603 489-3984 maybe we can caravan down and back.



    1. demo243


      I dont think Im gonna make this one. I dont think I can get Friday off of work.... and it would be very weather dependent too. The old Falkens on the car right now are a white knuckled ride on the highway in the rain.... lame I know... 

  4. Like is said on the realm, Install the trans and with a long screw driver or punch line it up with the shifter and hit it with a hammer creating a dimple you'll see from the top side. There you now know exactly where to cut your hole. Becareful with you brake line.
  5. Drove it to work for the first time this year in preperation for the drive to the The Mitty@ Road Atlanta.
  6. Mulholland, a Canyon with quite a few of "Those Turns" and is why I quit going there and simply drove Carbon Canyon when I lived in Whittier.
  7. You should drive the Z to The Mitty at Road Atlanta this April. Their's a contengent of 510's meeting in Maggie Valley NC Friday April 27th at about noon for lunch and a drive through the Smokey Mountains down to Road Atlanta. It'll be an easy drive from New Hampshire as compaired to Canby last year.
  8. To the guys over at Cuz Merica bitch and cry at each other over the state of our great nation putting blame at this Prez and that Prez when in the end it's politics as usual no matter who the Prez is. One sure thing about politics is that conversation will never bring people closer but surely drive them apart, wake up guys and drop politics from this forum geeeez..
  9. That's damn clean Dave and yes I'd purchase one. I believe anything other than fiberglass would hold up much better on those curb, rabbits, cats, squirrels, skunk road debri impacts, besides I have a pvc welder I use at work I could use for patching in the event I break one. Yes yes I know I have box flares but still.
  10. I'm sure Brad at the Hoseshop (Uptown Whittier) would take this on.
  11. Been running an external Walbro 190 for years in my trunk un-insulated and only time I hear it is when I turn the key to start the motor, after that Silence!! and it's now 10 years old.
  12. We call them Massholes 8>) I'm a native Californian raised in Whittier but now reside in Southern, NH where if you want a gun ok then go get one anyone, Live Free or Die Meng!
  13. We call them Massholes 8>) I'm a natice Californian raised in Whittier but now reside in Southern, NH where if you want a gun ok then go get one anyone, Live Free or Die Meng!
  14. Long term effects of my 303 depends on good a shot I am. It'll definetely make some big holes in yeah. Wait we talking guns here :thumbup:
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