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Datsun tech/ semi 720 specific

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Ok folks, what are preformance and general tips for z22 engines ?


I have a 720, dies at stop signs, to cold for carb

Where are the adjustment screws located for this z22?


Good types of plugs and wires for this engine specificly?


Oil viscosity for this thing in certain temps?


Any designs and things Datsun are known for on all models?


What trans fluid and diff fluid?


It's a 1982 z22 automatic king cab



Any issues or high attention areas I should service ?

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Dexron for the transmission

GL-5 80w90 for the differential

NGK only for the wires and plugs BPR6ES intakes and BPR5ES exhaust

10w30engine oil


Make sure there is a stove pipe connecting between the exhaust manifold and the air cleaner snorkel.  This provide warmed air to the carb for better cold running and prevents carb icing.


Is the choke working? On when cold and open when warmed up?


Good idle needs good intake vacuum. A tight valve will leak intake vacuum. A tight exhaust will lack power.  Check the valve clearance is 0.013" for intake and exhaust lash


Timing is 5 degrees BTDC  plus or minus 2 degrees.


South Dakota? I would install a block heater.

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When it gets real cold*, I block off part of the radiator, on my 521, with a piece of cardboard.   Make sure your temp gauge is working.
















*I live in western Oregon.  You may laugh at what I am calling "real cold"

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Thanks! You guys on this Site rock! I love it here:)


But yeah, it's -45 with windchill, oh and blizzarding, so that's fun.


I appreciate it guys, I'll check my valve lash, and so fourth, I just don't know these vehicles well, I work on mopar and older Chevy and fords, but dangggg are these old imports fun!!!!!! So small easy to work on etc. And cheap gas! It's 1.75 a gallon here.

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