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Barn Find B210


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Hello all.

I recently came upon this:



It belonded to my mother-in-law who passed away quite a few years ago. I had thought her car had been sold by the kids long ago. The property recently came under contract and my wife and I went there to look thru the house and I found it still sitting there.

I know this isn't an expensive collectable but, being a old gearhead, I hate to see it go for scrap. It's got to have a least some parts that someone would need. It's actually it fair condition and very savable IMO. The little car has a 4 speed, factory AM radio and (I was surprised) air conditioning. It was last driven in 2003.








I know quite a bit about old cars and vans but not much about Datsuns. I do know that they have a loyal following and I appreciate finding this forum.

My question(s) :Is there a desire for this model? What would it be worth?

The heirs have asked me what they should do as they have had someone offer to haul it away.

Thanks ahead for any advise, opinions or information.


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Save it if you can and offer to someone who will restore and love it. I doubt there will be a lot of interest in Georgia as they are rare to find and spare parts almost non existent. The good is that it is already complete looking to begin with. Stored under cover and not weathered much. I had a '76.


Beware someone looking to flip it for gain. Not really fair to someone who want's it for the love of Datsuns. In the end it's yours to do as you wish with. Value? very hard to say. Scrap at the bottom. $500-$600 at least, but then to get more you have to start looking for the right buyer who really wants it. (and has money) Running  would be a plus.

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The $500 to $600 sounds good to me but I would rather it went to someone who could/would use it.

It's not a big deal. As I said the gearhead part of me hates to see the old cars die.

Getting it running would be a chore. And then there's hauling it as it can't be worked on there.

Either way, it'll (at the most) have to be gone by the end of next month if the closing date holds on the property.

The bulldozers will be there as the house is coming down.

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Would you be willing to pull off the inner front door panels and ship them to Florida?? I can pay wth paypal. Just have to unscrew the door handle, window roller and inner door handle cover(they all come off with just a use of a screw driver) and then the door panels just have clips in them. Break the actual plastic clips and not the panel itself just have to be a bit careful. You can go in with a flat head screw driver and feel your way to wear all the clips are and then just carefully take some sissors and cut them. I can replace the clips easy with new ones but these door panels in good shape can be hard to fine. I need both side front doors only. If you are willing to do so please contact me thru email tbag1331@yahoo.com.. This way we can discuss pay and shipping cost and address. Please let me know either way and please if anything see it and dont crush it or sell parts off it becuase poeple here can use some Im sure.... Thanks, Tommy...

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Thanks Tommy,

I'm sorry but it needs to go as a complete unit.



It has to be sold at some price. If you can transport it, it can go for whatever it would bring as scrap.

I'm retired so I can meet you there any day of the week. The car is located just off Main Street in downtown Woodstock, GA.

That's still a good little ride from Macon for you so it might be best for me to take some more pictures for you before making any decision.

My wife and her sisters (and I) would rather it when to a good use, but it does have to go somewhere.

I have a couple more pictures that I'll try to put up and then, next trip over there, I can maybe take some more.

I need to take a battery and see if the engine will turn.

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