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switch to 4 lug

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When I bought my 620 it had 6 to 4 lug adapters, just have to account for the additional (negative) offset in your wheel selection.


Try these guys:



or these (I got some spacers from these guys, same thing as the adapters but same lug pattern, were made in China, but looked pretty good, just gotta watch what you are getting on the threads 1.25 or 1.5 pitch)



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Guest DatsuNoob
But can i run 4 lug in the front? If so , what are my options. I realy would like to put some rotas on my 521 and dump it.


Why change? I've seen Rota Grids out there before in a 6 lug. In fact I think the red one in the 620 gallery here has 'em. Just gotta dig around, they're out there.

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I tried to call these guys and they said they dont make any 6 to 4 lug adapters... guys have any other ideas on how to do the conversion? and also converting it to disc brakes?

I'd like to do this so that i can swap wheels to and from my ae86.

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If you want wheel selection, 5 lug is the way to go. Plus many 5 lug wheels are made for RWD cars and trucks so the offset is closer to zero.


Rota RB-R comes in 5-lug on a special order. That is if you're looking at those 17x9" wheels.


Plus you can go with a Toyota axle. Switch to ball joints in front with the custom arms available on this site. Then you can probably use 1980's Toyota truck spindles. (2wd)

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