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Just finished a couple of flash drives


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I've always been fascinated by marrying things that don't belong together... one of those ongoing projects is embedding flash drive parts into diecast vehicles.  In the last decade or more, I've made about 1500 of them, and I peddle them on ebay to pay for the hobby (trust me, I'm not getting rich on these things :( ).  I just finished a couple of Dattos so I thought I'd post some pics here.  If you're interested in owning them (or something else), feel free to PM me or check out my ebay listings (link in sigline).







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I have purchased 2 620's and a 510 and they work grest and were built very nicely. If I didnt already have a few I would buy another.


Thanks!  You could always lose one or two on accident  :devil:


Here are a few more non-Datsun ones...















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And here's a USB hub I built into a 1958 Chevy COE tractor-trailer combo.  The power and USB cable connections are in the back, USB ports along the top.  I have one of these currently available... slightly different Hurst Performance truck paint scheme.



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i think its pretty cool.


size of flash drive and price for a 510? (pm if you want)

or a link to your ebay store?


Price is dependent on a couple of factors... the density of the flash part (ie 16GB, 32GB, etc.) and the availability of the vehicle.  As you may know, 510's are hard to come by so we're at the mercy of ebay and other secondary outlets on those.  As an alternative, if you already have a 510 in your stash you want to send me, I can do that and you don't have to pay a "car premium" ... that's what a few board members have done for hard to find cars. 


I do currently have a 510 Goon posted on ebay if you're interested in that one.  Ebay link is in my sigline below.


Thanks for your interest.

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I applaud your ingenuity. Have you thought about a custom stock Datsun radio upgrade to a MP3 or USB player? If so I would be interested.


Thanks!  I'd entertain the idea... car radios have a bit more complex circuit boards than the 1940's radios I did above... so I'd have to hunt down a schematic or spend a LOT of time reverse engineering what's what on the PCBs to integrate player functionality into the stock radio.  Also, since those old radios don't already have aux inputs, we either have to take over the AM/FM inputs (which means no AM/FM) or we have to insert an A/B switch you'd have to click back and forth between to get either radio or MP3.  It's all doable.

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Also this neat little set... it's a matching pair of F100's (one hotrod, one classic with vintage logos and lettering) on a vehicle lift.  On both trucks, hoods and doors open and close, and have detailed engines.  Also, the ramps on the top of the lift fold up and down.  This setup could be used as 2 separate flash drives in your pocket, or leave it in the display stand/car lift and use USB female A cables to plug it into your computer... and leave it on your desk as a conversation piece.







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Thanks to those of you who've bought some of these from me.  It keeps this crusty old man busy and off the streets...   :thumbup:


I just picked up a handful of 1999 R34 GT-R's that I'm about to build.  If you want one, please PM me (or, if you prefer ebay, I have some listed there).  I've also got a couple 510 Goons, a 370ZX, and some 620's (red, orange, as well as the new metallic green ones).

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