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Need pics of 1974 620 Windshield Washer Tank, Bracket, & Connector

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I have a 1974 that was stripped so I don't know exactly what I need.


For one thing, there is a new Denso kit that is supposed to be for the 1974 only 620 but I have no idea if that is true or not since I have nothing to compare it to.


What I'm interested in is

  • Tank shape,
  • Bracket shape (mounts on core support)
  • Electrical Connector (the 74 had "round black rubber - barrel" connectors but at the washer tank, mind has a "racetrack rather than round shape - it is still black rubber)

If I could find that connector from a busted up tank/pump, I'd jump on it.  I wouldn't mind too much using the Denso if it does in fact mount like the OE does, if I could splice the correct connector on it.


I know this is pretty "anal" as far as getting the connectors right, but this poor 620 has been buchtered and cobbled in so many places.  It is not too bad though (at least they didn't rip the wiring apart) and it would be possible to undo all the wrongs done to this truck.  When I see something cobbled, it creeps me out.  So my goal is to not have any evidence of cobbling.


This is NOT a restoration - it is far from it.  So I really don't care what the condition of the correct parts are.


If you haven't already seen the build thread, here is the Photobucket link to about 200 pics.  Check out the welding - 6# of MIG wire in the cab (!)

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Up to Sept '74 the washer bottle was smaller and mounted on the rad support? beside the driver's headlights. After Sept. '74 it was a larger rectangular bottle that clipped to a metal bracket screwed to the pass side firewall between the hinge and the heater hoses. If you find one just snip the electrical leads off below the connector to the pump and splice it into your wiring. A little heat shrink tubing and tape and no one will know.


The plastic bottle was shaped such that it pushed on and down onto a mating metal bracket that was screwed to the firewall..

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